Revolutionary Flyovers Unveiled In Delhi! Say Goodbye To Traffic Jams At The Airport!

Delhi's airport unveiled two new approach flyovers, the Aerocity Flyover and the Parallel Access Road Flyover, on Wednesday.

Edited By : Malika Sahni | Updated: Oct 25, 2023 14:37 IST
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New Delhi: Delhi’s airport unveiled two new approach flyovers, the Aerocity Flyover and the Parallel Access Road Flyover, on Wednesday. These new additions are expected to provide much-needed relief to travelers grappling with the city’s perennial traffic congestion. However, those needing to commute between T1 on one side and T2 and T3 on the other will experience even greater benefits when the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) implements an air train system or when the longstanding proposal for a Y-shaped mini flyover at the crossing connecting the city side to T1 finally materializes.

The Aerocity Flyover, a four-lane one-way flyover situated at the Aerocity metro station junction, promises to significantly reduce travel time between T1 and T3 at Delhi airport by ensuring a smooth, signal-free flow of traffic. The flyover starts in front of the Andaz Hotel, Aerocity, on the west side and ends at the Central Spine Road, just short of the Eastern Cross Taxiway.

The Parallel Access Road (PAR) flyover is an integral component of a dedicated two-lane corridor on both carriageways leading to the cargo terminal at the airport. This dedicated corridor includes a flyway that runs parallel to NH-8. The corridor begins near the Hanuman temple and concludes near the Andaz Hotel. It successfully segregates heavy vehicular traffic from passenger vehicles, further alleviating congestion on the airport approach road.

Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL) issued a statement, noting that the combined length of the Aerocity Flyover and PAR Flyover is 800 meters and 600 meters, respectively. These flyovers are expected to facilitate smooth, signal-free connectivity between the three terminals of Delhi Airport while also restricting the movement of heavy vehicles on the airport approach road. This move will ensure a seamless transit experience to and from Delhi airport.

Prabhakara Rao, Deputy Group Managing Director of the GMR Group, stated, “Passenger experience is of paramount importance to the GMR Group. With this in mind, two new flyovers have been constructed to simplify travel to and from Delhi airport, providing a seamless journey for passengers.”

In 2019, before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, DIAL had proposed to make the traffic crossing at the intersection where passengers arriving from the city side turn left toward T3 or proceed straight to T1, signal-free. This proposal involved the construction of a Y-shaped mini flyover, which would offer two-way access between roads leading to T3 and Dwarka, with a one-way lane for travelers driving from T1 to T3. The plan aimed to eliminate the need for traffic signals at this intersection. However, as of now, this proposal has remained on paper and has not been realized.

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First published on: Oct 25, 2023 02:37 PM IST

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