MP: Woman forced to move out of house half-naked by Power Distribution employees for not paying bills

Madhya Pradesh: An elderly Dalit woman from Sagar, MP, was forced to move out of her house half-naked to stop MP Eastern Region Power Distribution employees who were seizing her belongings as she didn’t pay the electricity bill of Rs 19,000. Public demand action from state energy minister Pradhuman Singh Tomar.

The woman, who was alone at home, was in the toilet when the employees arrived. When they arrived, they began taking away her bed, bike, and other household items while she was still in the bath. The woman objected to their actions, but the employees refused to listen to her and continued to take her belongings.

As soon as the woman exited the toilet, she noticed her belongings being taken away and ran outside half-naked to stop them. A video of the incident went viral on social media, causing public outrage and prompting state energy minister Pradhuman Singh Tomar to take action.

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Tomar has announced that four employees have been suspended in the matter and that a notice has been sent to the company’s senior officials requesting a thorough investigation.

Mandeep Dimaha, an electricity department official said, “During the action, the elderly woman said that the woman’s son and daughter-in-law had left her. While the electricity connection is in the name of the daughter-in-law. That’s why the woman’s belongings were returned on the spot.”

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