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Man killed in Delhi, killer takes selfie with the corpse; police chased him for 250 km

New Delhi: Delhi Police solved a murder case in Mangolpuri area within 24 hours. Before being caught, the murder accused made the police chase him for 250 km. On August 10, Delhi Police received an information that a man was lying in a bloody condition inside a house in Mongolpuri. The police went to the spot. They found a dead body was lying there. The body was identified as a person Suresh. He was hit on the head with some heavy object.

Came as a tenant

The police team immediately called the mobile crime team and FSL teams to the spot. During investigation, the police came to know that Jagdish, whose age was said to be 32 years, lived with his father Suresh in house number E-799. He has given the second floor on rent. Jagdish told that 4 days ago, his father brought a man named Pankaj and told that he is an orphan and he let Pankaj stay in their house on rent.

Came home drunk

On August 9, a day before the incident, Pankaj went out and came back in a drunken state in the evening. A scuffle took place between Suresh and Pankaj, but later the matter calmed down and Pankaj apologized to Suresh and Jagdish. Next morning Pankaj called Jagdish from his mobile phone and told that he had left their house at around 11 pm as Suresh abused him badly, which he could not tolerate and after that Pankaj started laughing.

Son found Suresh’s body

On being suspicious, Jagdish reached the first floor of the house and saw that his father Suresh’s body was lying and blood was bleeding from his head. No one had any information about the accused Pankaj. Pankaj had fled from the spot with Suresh’s mobile phone, ID card and other items.

Police chased the killer for days

4 teams of outer district were formed. They gathered all the information related to the accused Pankaj Kumar. Teams were sent to all railway stations and bus terminals as the accused was from Bihar and was likely to flee there.

The team started keeping an eye on intelligence information, possibilities of new hideouts as well as technical surveillance. They were able to trace the location of the mobile phone used by the accused. The location was traced at Anand Parbat of Delhi. But by the time the police reached there, the accused changed his location to RK Ashram, Metro station.

From there, the accused boarded the metro to divert the police towards Faridabad then came back to Kashmere Gate. He again boarded the metro and reached Ballabhgarh. The team kept chasing him and reached Ballabgarh too, but he could not be traced there. After this location was traced at New Delhi railway station, where he boarded the train and reached Rohtak in Haryana.

Was caught in Mongolpuri

The accused was continuously making the police chase him. When the police team reached Rohtak, he disappeared from there too. But as soon as his location came out in Mangolpuri Industrial Area, he was immediately caught from there.

During interrogation, the accused revealed that he belonged to a poor family and had left his studies at an early age due to poor financial condition. His wife has also left him which made him addicted to alcohol. Few days back he came to Mangolpuri in search of work and met Suresh who kept him in his house and also got him work.

Drank with the landlord and killed him

He returned home early on 9th August which angered Suresh. He used abusive words against him and asked him to leave his house, which created a feeling of revenge in his mind. But after accepting his apology, Suresh allowed him to stay at his house. Later in the night, both drank alcohol and after some time Suresh fell asleep.

Then to take revenge on him, the accused took out a hammer from the house and hit Suresh on the head. Pankaj also revealed that after killing Suresh, he also took selfies and made a video of Suresh’s body from his phone. He then fled after stealing Suresh’s mobile, documents and cash.

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