Sunday, November 27, 2022

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Lover finds girl involved with someone else, kills her

New Delhi: In Jabalpur, an eccentric lover killed his own girlfriend. Even the murder is so gruesome that the heart of the one who sees it will be shaken. The accused first called the girlfriend to the hotel and then killed the girl by cutting her neck vein with a blade. After the murder, the accused also made a video of the girl in agony. Not only this, the accused also recorded a video message along with the dead body saying not to commit infidelity.

What happened in the hotel room?

This whole story is of room number-5 of Mekhla Resort located in Tilwara police station area of ​​Jabalpur. Two days ago the bloody corpse of the girl was found. When the information came out of the hotel it spread like fire in the city. On receiving information, the police reached the spot and started investigation.

But, before the police investigation reached any conclusion, a video of the accused youth in the case has surfaced. The mad lover has confessed to the murder. The young man can be seen saying in the video that this is the result of infidelity. In the video the body of the girl could also be seen draped in blood. The same eccentric lover has also posted pictures of the girl with other youths on Instagram ID.

The girl was working in a beauty parlor

It is being told that the girl was a resident of a village in Kundam police station area. She was working in a beauty parlor for the last 3 years and living in Jabalpur. In fact, the two became friends on social media and gradually this friendship turned into love. However, the outcome of the relationship claimed the life of the girl.

Police is investigating the matter

Police say that four teams have been formed to investigate the matter. Police is probing from different angles. Police say that the team of police and crime branch is continuously raiding to nab the accused. In the investigation of the police, it has been revealed that the deceased not only registered his wrong name in the hotel but also the Aadhar card submitted by him turned out to be fake.

Room booked by giving fake Aadhar card

It is being told that on November 6, the girl had reached the hotel to stay with a young man from Gujarat through a fake Aadhar card. Here both the young men and women are also seen going to the hotel in CCTV. Why did the accused kill the girl, till now this secret is only a secret. In the investigation, it has definitely come to know that the Aadhar card through which the girl had stayed in the hotel belongs to her friend. It is evident from this that the girl was also of very clever mind.

Girl used changed the home in 15 days

In the interrogation of the police, it has also been revealed that the deceased girl Shilpa Jharia used to change her house every 15 days, the reason behind why she used to do this is still not clear. At present, the deceased girl was living in a rented house in Christian Colony under Gorakhpur police station.

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