Man was living with second wife, his first wife made their video

New Delhi: A teacher in Kanpur got married to another woman while his first wife was at home. However, the teacher was already married and her wife found that out. The teacher was living with his second wife in a different city.

Meanwhile, his first wife found out about the entire scene. She went and caught his husband with her new wife and made their video viral. The husband has now been booked by the police under serious sections.

What actually happened?

The woman caught her husband red-handed with another woman and made her video viral. A teacher by profession, the accused husband got married without informing the first wife. He started living in different houses with both the wives. As soon as the woman came to know about her husband’s second marriage, she made a plan to catch him red-handed.

Accused husband is a teacher

According to the information, a teacher in a primary school in Kanpur countryside came to know that her husband lives with another woman in Tulsipur town. The woman’s husband is also a teacher by profession and is posted in a school in Balrampur district. The woman wanted to catch her husband red handed. About a week ago, the woman reached Tulsipur town with her brothers and threatened to enter the house where the husband lived with another woman.

Husband was present with second wife 

The accused teacher husband was present in the room along with another woman. When asked, he told the other woman was his wife. The accused husband was trying to run away but he could not succeed in escaping. The woman, telling her husband and his second wife fiercely, asked them for proof of marriage. A video of this incident was also made which has now gone viral.

Balrampur SP came to woman’s rescue

Later, the woman had to suffer a lot even to file a case against her husband. The police was not registering his complaint. Then the woman wrote a letter to Balrampur SP, pleading for justice. After the order of the SP, a case has been registered against the accused teacher husband in Tulsipur police station under several serious sections including dowry harassment.

Police Officer Kunwar Prabhat Singh says that after registering a case against the accused teacher, investigation has been started. Evidence is being collected in the case. Action will be taken after investigation.

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