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Watch video: Driver Takes Auto Rickshaw On Foot-Over Bridge To Avoid Traffic Jam

Watch in amazement as a Delhi auto-rickshaw driver takes an audacious shortcut to bypass a traffic jam. The daring stunt that left spectators stunned.

Edited By : Mayank Kasyap | Updated: Sep 4, 2023 11:17 IST
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Screengrab of video showing Auto driver riding through the foot-over bridge to avoid traffic jam. (Photo Credit: X/@boredjourno)
Screengrab of video showing Auto driver riding through the foot-over bridge to avoid traffic jam. (Photo Credit: X/@boredjourno)

New Delhi: In a jaw-dropping spectacle that’s gone viral across social media, an auto-rickshaw driver ingeniously navigated his three-wheeler onto a bustling foot overbridge to evade a crippling traffic jam in Delhi. The extraordinary incident unfolded at a gridlocked traffic signal in Hamdard Nagar, leaving spectators stunned. Delhi police swiftly apprehended the audacious auto driver and an accomplice involved in the daring escapade.

Bypassing traffic jam the ‘Munna’ way

When confronted with the all-too-familiar snarl of Delhi’s traffic, Munna, the 25-year-old auto-rickshaw driver, hatched an unconventional plan. Rather than suffering through the sluggish road congestion below, Munna boldly steered his auto onto a nearby footpath. Undaunted, he escalated his audacity by proceeding to ascend the stairs leading to the foot over bridge.

Capturing the unbelievable stunt

An astounded onlooker managed to capture this audacious feat on camera. The video showcases the auto-rickshaw initially devoid of passengers, though a daring accomplice, Amit, leaped into the vehicle to assist Munna in his extraordinary ascent up the foot overbridge’s stairs. Pedestrians on the bridge, initially taken aback, parted to create a passage for the audacious auto.

Arrests follow the daredevil stunt

The consequences of this daring maneuver quickly caught up with Munna and his accomplice, Amit. Both residents of Sangam Vihar in Delhi, the duo found themselves in the custody of the Delhi police. A thorough investigation into the incident is underway, even as the video continues to circulate widely across various social media platforms.

This audacious escapade serves as a stark reminder of the lengths some individuals are willing to go to circumvent Delhi’s notorious traffic woes, and it raises concerns about public safety in such daring endeavors. Stay tuned for further developments in this extraordinary case that has left Delhiites astonished.

First published on: Sep 04, 2023 11:17 AM IST

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