Seema Haider is fasting but not for Sachin

Seema Haider's fasting for Chandrayaan's success has sparked discussions about her intentions owing to her illegal entry in India.

Edited By : Mayank Kasyap | Updated: Aug 23, 2023 16:23 IST
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Seema Haider
Seema Haider

Noida: Seema Haider, an individual hailing from Pakistan, has recently attracted attention for her unusual display of affection towards India, specifically after her marriage to Noida’s Sachin Meena. However, her newfound commitment to showcasing patriotism seems to be getting her in a tight spot these days. While on August 15, she chanted “Long Live India” and “Down with Pakistan,” her focus has now shifted to another extraordinary gesture: she desires to see the Indian flag hoisted on the Moon.

Chandrayaan and Seema’s pledge

Seema Haider, a Pakistani national, has taken to Instagram to share a video of her performing a ritualistic act of worship. She claims to have been fasting in hopes of India’s successful landing on the Moon through Chandrayaan, India’s lunar exploration program. Seema is earnestly praying for the feat to come to fruition.

In her video message, Seema stated, “Though my health is not in good condition, I have still chosen to fast. India’s Chandrayaan 3 is set to land on the moon today. This will greatly enhance India’s reputation globally. So, until the successful landing is achieved, I will continue to maintain this fast. I have faith in Lord Radha Krishna. May our Prime Minister Modi and his efforts be blessed. This will raise India’s prestige significantly, and our influence will expand worldwide. I will end my fast only when the mission is successful. Radhe Krishna, Radhe Shyam.”

The growing concerns

This seemingly genuine act of patriotism has stirred discussions around Seema’s intentions and motivations. The video raises questions about the authenticity of her allegiance and whether her devotion is more than meets the eye. The fact that she’s fasting for Chandrayaan’s success suggests a deep emotional connection with India, but it also invites skepticism.

Seema Haider’s recent appearance on Indian soil, without a valid visa or passport, has led to her detainment. There are concerns that she might have affiliations with intelligence agencies, potentially including ISI. Both Seema and other security agencies, including ATS, have undergone questioning. Amidst this situation, she has submitted a plea to the President of India seeking Indian citizenship.

While Seema claims to be married to Sachin Meena and intends to reside in India indefinitely, the UP government has hinted at her possible deportation to Pakistan. Seema’s situation highlights the complexities and sensitivities surrounding cross-border interactions. Her longing for citizenship reveals the depth of her commitment, but it also underscores the potential repercussions she might face.

First published on: Aug 23, 2023 04:23 PM IST

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