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‘Do your work and let us work for the people of Delhi,’ Delhi CM asks PM Modi

New Delhi: Delhi’s budget could not be presented in the assembly on Tuesday after the central government did not approve it, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said in Assembly.

During the discussion in the House on the delay in the budget, “AAP” presented a resolution letter, which was passed and sent to the Committee of Privileges. During this, CM Arvind Kejriwal requested the Prime Minister to do his work and let us work for the people of Delhi. 

Cooperate with us instead of fighting with us. Stopping Delhi’s budget for a day didn’t help anyone. No observation has ever been done in the history of Delhi to date, but this time the traditions were broken. This is an attack on the constitution of the country. He said that the Central Government sent an observation to the Chief Secretary on March 17. 

On the orders of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Chief Secretary sat with it for three days. Delhi’s budget is to be presented on March 21 and on March 20 it was informed at 2 pm and the file was sent to the Finance Minister at 6 pm. There were four observations of the Union Home Ministry. We folded our hands by answering without changing the figure in the budget and they were happy that they made Kejriwal bow down. We have always bowed down.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said in the House that the budget of Delhi was to be presented to the House today, but the Central Government put a stop to it last evening. That’s why the budget could not be presented in the assembly today. The Constitution faces a variety of situations.

I understand that when Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar was writing the constitution, he probably would not have thought even in his dream that such a situation can come in the country that the central government can stop the budget of any state government. Such a constitutional crisis has been created. This is an attack on the constitution of the country.

The Chief Minister said that on March 10, the Delhi Government sent the budget to the Center and on March 17, the Central Government sent back the budget with some objections. The Leader of the Opposition was saying that the LG made some observations on the budget. Under the constitution, LG does not have the right to impose any observation on the budget of the elected government.

 The LG is bound by the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers. The 2018 order of the Supreme Court and Article 239AA4 of the Constitution is clear that the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi is bound by the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers. The Lieutenant Governor of Delhi will only stamp the decision of the elected government except on three subjects. LG cannot even give its observation and cannot write anything on the file.

If the LG writes anything on the file received from the government, then it is against the constitution and an insult to the entire House. If something has to be said, the house will say it. All of us have been elected by the public and sent to the House. If the LG was to run Delhi, then why did the public elect us and send us?

CM Arvind Kejriwal said that the budget was sent to the central government. The Central Government has no right to object to this. It is against the Constitution of India and the basic structure of democracy that the budget of a State is being sent to the Central Government.

The day it was challenged inside the Supreme Court that the budget of the Delhi Government is being sent to the Central Government, then it will not be able to stand in the court even for 2 minutes. It is just a tradition that has been going on for many years and we were also following that tradition. 

Till date, the central government has never made any objection or observation in the history of Delhi. For the first time, this tradition was broken. The central government has sent observations on the budget of Delhi and this in itself is unconstitutional. But we don’t have to fight. We don’t want to fight. We have not come to fight, we have come to work.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that on March 17, the Central Government sent the observation to the Chief Secretary and Finance Secretary and they sat with it for 3 days. The whole country knows that the neck of these officers is under the Central Government and LG. Every day they suspend anyone. All the officers are scared. An order came from the Union Home Ministry to sit with the file for three days. 

The budget was to be presented on March 21 and on March 20 at 2 pm, the Finance Minister was informed about the observation from the MHA. Action should be taken against these officers. The minister called repeatedly regarding the file, but the file was delivered to him at 6 pm. After this, in the chaos, the Finance Minister made a note. We had the option of going to court, how did you write your observation? But I told the minister that we do not have to fight. We wrote answers to all four of his observations. 

No changes were made to the budget. It was only his arrogance to answer us. We have answered them. Happy that we made Kejriwal bow down. We are always inclined. One should bow before the public and everyone. What did they get from this? It is just their arrogance and politics. Nothing happened except to satisfy the ego.

CM Arvind Kejriwal said that yesterday it was going on in the media that the Delhi government has budgeted more for advertisement than infrastructure and we have asked to fix it. In the budget, 20 thousand crores are on infrastructure and 500 crores on advertisements.

I have never heard that 20 thousand crores are more than 500 crores. They have kept a group of illiterate people sitting from top to bottom. Instead of making a group of illiterate people sit, educated people should be made to sit there so that they can read the budget. The budget is the same, we haven’t even increased it.


But still, it has been told by the media that the budget for advertisements is more than the infrastructure. We did not send any changes to the budget. Out of what was written in the budget, four lines were quoted and sent. LG also approved last night at 10:30 pm. He would have already approved.

But he was saying to bow before me and hold my feet. I bow down before you. You are the Lord and everything.

CM said I request the Prime Minister that we want to work, and do not want to fight. We are very small people. We did not come into politics to fight. We do not know how to do politics. Nothing comes out of this everyday fight. In the house where there is a fight, that house gets ruined. In a state where there is a war, that state is ruined.

In a country where there is a war, that country gets ruined. Where has anyone benefited from the fight? If everyone works together, there will be progress. Yesterday our Finance Minister presented the Economic Survey. This shows how much progress Delhi has made. Delhi is progressing more than the average of the country. Had it not been for these day-to-day quarrels, Delhi would have progressed 10 times.

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