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Delhi Metro: Viral Video of Girl Dancing In Jawan’s Cosplay Sparks Commuter Craze

A video of Shah Rukh Khan's iconic 'Jawan' song inside a metro train goes viral, captivating commuters and social media users.

Edited By : Mayank Kasyap | Updated: Sep 18, 2023 16:54 IST
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Screengrab of the video showing girls in Jawan's attire dancing in Delhi Metro. (Photo Credit: Instagram/_sahelirudra_)
Screengrab of the video showing girls in Jawan's attire dancing in Delhi Metro. (Photo Credit: Instagram/_sahelirudra_)

New Delhi: In a world where the magic of cinema often transcends the screen, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s blockbuster hit ‘Jawan’ has achieved the remarkable feat of becoming a part of everyday life. This movie, which not only took the big screen by storm but also wreaked havoc at the box office, has earned over Rs 400 crores in India alone and soared to a staggering Rs 700 crores in global earnings.

‘Jawan’ Dances its way into hearts

As ‘Jawan’ continues to reign supreme in the hearts of moviegoers, it is the film’s iconic dance sequences that are stealing the spotlight. Among the countless tributes, one exceptional video has set the internet ablaze, capturing the very essence of ‘Jawan’ in a wholly unique manner.

Saheli Rudra’s remarkable metro dance

This extraordinary video features Saheli Rudra, an ardent fan of Shah Rukh Khan, dancing to the melodious tune of ‘Beqarar Karke Humen’ inside a bustling metro train. What sets this video apart is Saheli’s remarkable resemblance to SRK’s bandaged look from the film.

As the video unfolds, Saheli flawlessly replicates Shah Rukh Khan’s iconic dance moves, drawing the attention of fellow commuters who share her metro carriage. Their genuine reactions range from astonishment to sheer delight, leaving bystanders unable to contain their amusement.

Social media buzz

Here’s a glimpse of how social media users have reacted to Saheli Rudra’s captivating metro dance tribute:

One enthusiastic Instagram user exclaimed, “Inki confidence level high h mnna pdga😍🔥👏”

Another praised Saheli’s performance, saying, “Jigra chahiye ese confidence ke sth dance karne main❤️❤️❤️❤️”

A third viewer chimed in with appreciation, stating, “Delhi metro me apka swagat hai 😂😂”

Another user commented, “Jawan ka bhoot😂”

Notably, a fourth viewer couldn’t help but highlight the uncanny resemblance, saying, “Stunning yaar, you look just like SRK, female SRK hahaha.”

Saheli Rudra’s tribute to ‘Jawan’ and Shah Rukh Khan has not only won the hearts of fans but has also showcased the enduring influence of cinema on our lives. It brings joy to commuters in the most unexpected of places – a crowded metro train. Experience the magic of ‘Jawan’ with Saheli as she dances her way into the hearts of the masses.

First published on: Sep 18, 2023 04:54 PM IST

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