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Bengaluru: Private Vehicles Nears To Breach 1 Crore Mark

The private vehicle count in Bengaluru is expected to cross one crore by the end of the Dussehra-Diwali festive season.

Edited By : Pranjal Gupta | Updated: Oct 23, 2023 08:24 IST
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The private vehicle count in Bengaluru is expected to cross one crore by the end of the Dussehra-Diwali festive season, with the city presently having 99.8 lakh non-transport registered vehicles. These vehicles consist of 75.6 lakh two-wheelers and 23.1 lakh cars, with an average of 1,300 new bikes and scooters and 409 cars hitting the road daily in September.

As of September 30, Bengaluru’s total vehicle count stands at 1.1 crore. Festive months of October and November typically witness increased vehicle registrations, and officials anticipate crossing the one-crore private vehicle mark soon, despite the availability of public transport options.

Bengaluru’s vehicular population has doubled from 55.2 lakh in 2012-13 to 1.1 crore in September 2023. Major public transport operators in the city include the Metro, covering 74km of routes and carrying 7 lakh passengers daily, and BMTC, which transports 43 lakh passengers daily.

Reducing reliance on private vehicles depends on Namma Metro expanding into more office areas and BMTC increasing its fleet size, according to mobility experts. They warn that a rise in personal cars will strain the already overburdened road network.

A significant traffic jam occurred in the tech corridor in late September when many professionals used personal vehicles for commuting. Between 2012-13 and September 2023, vehicle registrations across Karnataka more than doubled from around 1.5 crore to over 3 crore, including 2.2 crore two-wheelers and 45 lakh four-wheelers.

Transport Commissioner Yogesh AM notes that the Covid-19 pandemic led to increased private vehicle usage, resulting in new vehicle registrations and purchases of used private vehicles. Upgraded models from automakers have also contributed to this trend.

The Congress government aims for a revenue target of Rs 11,500 crore for the transport department, with Rs 5,226 crore generated from new vehicle registrations in the 2023-24 financial year, along with other sources.

First published on: Oct 23, 2023 08:21 AM IST

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