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Arvind Kejriwal’s guarantee to the farmers of Gujarat — AAP Government to procure five crops on MSP

New Delhi:Aam Aadmi Party is rapidly gaining ground in Gujarat in the run up to the state elections. The party isn’t only transgressing all trackers but also drawing massive support from the locals in its rallies. A reflection of the party’s growth was evident in AAP National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s Jansabha […]

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New Delhi:Aam Aadmi Party is rapidly gaining ground in Gujarat in the run up to the state elections. The party isn’t only transgressing all trackers but also drawing massive support from the locals in its rallies. A reflection of the party’s growth was evident in AAP National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s Jansabha in Dwarka, Gujarat where he announced his guarantee for the farmers of the state. Arvind Kejriwal announced, “AAP Government will procure five crops on MSP. From next year, if the prices of wheat, rice, cotton, gram and groundnut in the market are lesser than MSP, then the government will buy these five crops at MSP. Our government will provide electricity for farming throughout the day and will supply electricity for 12 hours without fail. The present regime got the new survey of lands done wrongly, our government will withdraw it and get the survey done again with the support of the public. Like Delhi, in Gujarat too, if the crops are damaged, farmers will be compensated at the rate of Rs 20,000 per acre. AAP Govt will deliver water to the entire command area of Narmada dam within a year, to bring relief to farmers.”

Further banking on his model of progressive governance, Arvind Kejriwal said, “AAP doesn’t make hollow promises, Kejriwal walks the talk, which is why we call it Kejriwal Ki Guarantee. If you want free education-healthcare, electricity and employment, then vote for AAP; if you want hooliganism and corruption, then vote for them. When AAP’s Government is formed in Gujarat, we will create 10 lakh government jobs; Talati exams will be conducted in February, posting will be given to everyone by April-May. AAP government will make a law to stop paper leaks; all the paper leaks since 2015 will be investigated; all the guilty will be sent to jail. In Delhi, people get 24×7 electricity for free, God has blessed Kejriwal with this miracle and no one else. In the whole country only Delhi and Punjab get free electricity, when our government is formed, then from March, the people of Gujarat will also start getting free electricity. AAP government will deposit Rs 1,000 every month in the bank account of every woman above 18 years. Like Delhi, our government will transform all government schools and hospitals in Gujarat and provide free education and health to all.”

Guarantee delivery key to Arvind Kejriwal’s Gujarat Model; after electricity, education and employment, AAP sets eyes on farmer upliftment

AAP National Convenor and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said, “I have come to the land of Dwarkadhish Shri Krishna and Lord Balram to announce guarantees for the farmers of Gujarat. I am fully confident that God will bless the entire state to get rid of 27 years of maladministration and bring an honest government in Gujarat by using his Sudarshan Chakra. People of Gujarat have showered so much love and as far as I can see, there are only people. They have been here since early morning. I am grateful for their support. People say that I get so much love because I raise the issue which affects the common mass. Elections are due this year. All the parties will come for campaigning. BJP will abuse Congress, they also abuse me and our leaders. Congress will also abuse AAP. What do they get from this? The country cannot progress this way. Gujarat cannot change if the parties keep abusing each other. They fool the people in every election and they have no choice but to vote for them.”

He asserted, “I do not know politics. I am not here to pull political gimmicks, I am here to change the country. I have taken a vow that I will make India no. 1 country in the world. India cannot become the best country in the world by merely giving flowery speeches or hurling abuses. We have to transform our schools. We have to give employment to the youth. We have to supply electricity 24×7. We have to build quality roads. Only after doing this can we ensure that India can become the best country in the world. We will also have to build excellent hospitals and mohalla clinics. We have to fix the issues of the farmers. We have to ensure that they prosper. Only then our dream will become a reality.”

He added, “So far, we have given guarantees on various issues affecting the people. Let me tell you what guarantee is. During the election campaign, the other parties make big claims to appease the voters but they do not do even a single thing once the elections get over. They live a luxurious life. They gobble funds and loot people. And after five years, they make the same promises again. AAP does not make false promises. We walk the talk. Kejriwal delivers what he promises. That’s why we call it a ‘guarantee’, Kejriwal’s guarantee. Whenever you buy a TV or scooter from the market, the seller says that they’re giving a 2 years guarantee. If the product turns out to be defective within 2 years, it is returned. I am giving you a 5-year guarantee. If we do not fulfill our promises, you can kick us out of power in the next elections. I will not come next time to seek votes.”

Arvind Kejriwal said, “Our first guarantee is for the youth who are unemployed. They have to sit idle despite the fact that they’re well-educated. We will create jobs for every unemployed youth in the next five years and till the time they’re not employed, they will get an unemployment allowance of Rs 3 thousand per month. Our opponents abuse me and say that I am giving free ki rewari. We cannot ensure the progress of the country if the youth remains unemployed. This is not a free ki rewari. It is the need of the hour. We will create 10 lakh government jobs in Gujarat for the youth. You can keep a count. We can create 1 lakh jobs extra but we will not fall short by even 1 job of the target of 10 lakh jobs. A lot of exam papers get leaked in Gujarat. The Talathi Exam was supposed to be conducted in 2018 but they could not conduct it. We are in 2022, they have not conducted the exam till date. 32 lakh people applied for the exam. They could not conduct a single paper, they could not stop the papers from getting leaked. I am guaranteeing you that we will fill all the government jobs within one year of coming to power. The Talathi Exam will be conducted in February 2023 and selected candidates will be given appointments in April. We will bring a strong law to curb paper leak. They did not conduct even a single inquiry or made a single arrest in all the papers that have leaked so far. We will conduct a full investigation in all the papers which got leaked after 2015. All the culprits will be imprisoned no matter if there are big leaders involved. We will keep a provision of 10 years of imprisonment. No one will be spared.”

He continued, “Our second guarantee was regarding electricity. People in Delhi get electricity 24×7 and that too free of cost. They get zero bills. This is magic. This is unprecedented in the entire world. This is Lord Krishna’s blessing to me. Only Kejriwal knows this magic. No one else. Now, Punjab also gets free electricity. Bring us to power in Gujarat and within three months, you will get zero bills. All the old bills with arbitrary amounts will be waived off. A lot of people came to me who only have a light, fan, fridge and TV in their home. Yet they have received bills worth 10-15 thousands of rupees. Electricity is so expensive that people are unable to pay bills for several months. Their connections were cut. We will waive off all the old bills and give 300 units electricity free of cost every month. Neither Congress, Nor CBI could do that. Only Delhi and Punjab get electricity free of cost. Gujarat can become the third state,” he added.

He added, “Next, I want to talk to our mothers and daughters. There are a lot of poor families in which daughters are unable to complete their education because their fathers do not have money to send them to college. They do not have money for commuting. A lot of women used to buy 2 liters of milk and now they buy only a single litter of milk because of inflation. Children do not get enough milk, they cannot eat vegetables because of high prices. They only eat vegetables once a day. We are guaranteeing that every woman aged above 18 years will get Rs 1 thousand every month in their bank accounts.”

The Delhi CM said, “You must have heard that Delhi has excellent schools but it was not always the case. They were in abysmal state before we came to power. We have transformed government schools in Delhi, we will do the same in Gujarat. Children of farmers, laborers, rickshawala in Delhi are becoming engineers, doctors and lawyers. They are changing the fortune of their parents. Children of Gujarat deserve the same. Private schools are being run by the mafia in Gujarat. They hike the fees whenever they wish, they charge hefty fees. We will conduct an audit of every private school in Gujarat. Those who have charged excessive fees will have to return the same. We will not let any private schools to hike fees arbitrarily.”

He continued, “We give treatment to every individual in Delhi free of cost. There are 2 crore people in Delhi. No matter how serious the disease is, you get medicine, treatment, tests, operations done free-of-cost. Even if it costs 30-40 lakhs. We will revamp all the government hospitals in Gujarat and everyone will get free treatment, irrespective of gender, age or economic background.”

The AAP National Convenor said, “Coming to the guarantees for the farmers. First guarantee is regarding MSP. Each time, the Government issues the MSP for each crop but the farmers do not get that price in the market. Our government will buy the crops at MSP if a farmer wants to sell. We will start with five crops and keep on adding the crops. These are: wheat, rice, cotton, chana and groundnuts. If a farmer gets lesser price than MSP in the market, they can go to government counters and sell their crops. Second guarantee is regarding electricity. Farmers get electricity at 2-3AM in the night. C R Patil and the CM gets 24×7 electricity. This is not fair. We will give electricity 12 hours a day to farmers for agriculture. Their land survey is totally flawed and as per our third guarantee, we will nullify that survey. We will conduct a new survey with the cooperation of people and farmers. Fourth guarantee, when a crop gets damaged, a farmer goes bankrupt. All his investments get wasted. They have no choice but to commit suicide. Insurance companies do not give money. We started a new scheme in Delhi. We give a compensation at the rate of Rs 20 thousand per acre if the crop gets damaged. We will implement the same scheme in Gujarat. Fifth guarantee, we will supply water in every corner of the entire command area of Narmada Dam so that farmers get water. We will also fulfill the guarantee of waiving off the debts.”

He continued, “There is too much inflation in the country. If you ask a common man the reason, they say it is happening on its own. It is not correct. They have imposed so much tax in the past 5-6 years which is the reason behind inflation. They have imposed tax on curd, buttermilk, wheat, rice and even on garbha. They did not even spare Garbha. No one has imposed taxes on edible items in the past 75 years. Not even the British did that when they were ruling us. The current government has done that and that too at such high rates. Have you ever thought about where this billions and trillions of money is going? They have written-off the debt of their billionaire friends. They took loans from the bank and then their intentions flipped. They got their loans written-off by the government. A man took a loan of Rs 8 thousand crores. They only recovered Rs 3 hundred crore and let him go. Another man took a loan of Rs 56 hundred crores and they let him go for Rs 40 crores. They have written-off debt worth Rs 10 lakh crores. A friend comes with a request to write off his debt of Rs 5 thousand crores. They call the minister and direct them to impose tax on curd. The amount collected is spent on writing off the loan. Another friend comes with a request to write off his debt of Rs 10 thousand crores. They again call the minister and direct them to impose tax on honey and the amount collected is spent on writing off the loan. It should be the farmers who should be given relief not the billionaires. Farmer’s loan should be waived.”

He added, “You are witnessing constant rise in fuel prices. It was done to trade MLAs in Madhya Pradesh Maharashtra and & form their government. They also had plans to buy our MLAs in Delhi and they brought Rs 8 hundred crores for that. So far, they have bought 277 MLAs in the entire country by spending approx Rs 6.5 thousand crores. From where did they get this money? They are on an MLA shopping spree in the country by increasing the price of petrol and diesel. This is the biggest cause of inflation. When we will come to power in Gujarat, you will get rid of inflation. You will get electricity free of cost. Women will get Rs 1 thousand every month. Children will get education free of cost. Everyone will get healthcare free of cost. Farmers will get MSP, youth will get jobs or unemployment allowance. Only AAP can give you relief from inflation and no other party.”

The Delhi CM said, “You all must have heard that during the Mahabharata War, Duryodhan and Arjun went to Shri Krishna. Duryodhan asked him for his army and Arjun asked him to be on side. They have all the forces, be it Police, Army, Air Force, CBI and ED. We have Lord Shri Krishna and his blessing with us. People asked me that AAP is merely 8-10 years old. It is developing a stronghold in entire country. It has already two state governments under its rule. How did this miracle happen? It has happened because we gave bright future to 18 lakh children in Delhi. Blessings of their parents is with us. We give treatment free of cost. People who get medicines free of cost give blessings to Kerjiwal. We have the blessing of common man and poor.”

He added, “If you want quality education and healthcare, vote for us and if you want corruption and violence, vote for them. If you want electricity free-of-cost and round the clock, if you want employment for your children, vote for us. If you want hooliganism, vote for them. A lot of people have sent us requests ever since we raised the matter of grade pay of police personnel. The government was forced to speak on that issue. A lot of employees such as Anganwadi workers, Asha workers, homeward, Gram Raksha Dal, Sagar Ralsha Dal, State Transport employees, Number 108 employees, Medical workers and outsource workers have written to me to raise their issues. I will not only raise your issues but I will also fix all of them within a month of forming the government.”

AAP National Convenor and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal concluded, “We do not have money to contest elections. We are a poor but honest Party. We have your blessings. People from a lot of villages have gathered here. You have to go back to your villages and discuss all the guarantees. Every single person has to get 100 votes for us.”

First published on: Sep 03, 2022 12:19 PM IST

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