Aftab’s life changed after killing Shraddha Walker! Started having fun with new job, girl

When he returned home from his new work, his female friend from Delhi would visit him.

Shraddha murder case: Aftab's narco test underway in Ambedkar hospital

In the Shraddha murder case, Aftab has made a shocking revelation. He claimed to have kept Shraddha’s body parts in the fridge for about five months. He claimed to have disposed of some of the body parts shortly after the murder. However, some organs were left in the fridge for five months because he did not have time to dispose of them.

Aftab found a new job after Shraddha’s murder

Aftab claims that after murdering Shraddha, he found new work in a call centre in Gurugram. He used to work nights in the call centre. When he returned home from work, his female friend from Delhi would visit him. As a result, he was unable to dispose of the deceased body.

In early October, the accused threw the remaining piece of the body into the forest. According to media reports, footage of Aftab on his way to the forest was captured on CCTV.

‘I cut dead body into 16, not 35 pieces’

The accused amended his statement, claiming that he had only cut Shraddha’s body into 16 pieces rather than 35. Furthermore, the dead body was kept in the house for two days. The body was in the room on the first day when he murdered her. He drank beer and ate food while sitting near the dead body.

He had kept the body in the bathroom the next day. It had been lying there all day. Aftab then cut the dead body into pieces, wrapped them in polythene, and threw them into the forest.

While the head, torso, fingers, and toes were kept in the refrigerator wrapped in polythene. Which was discarded after five months. The police are heavily involved in this investigation. Several groups have formed. However, no major success has been achieved thus far because Aftab is purposefully misleading them.