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AAP’s Gujarat Government will provide 10 lac government jobs to the youth of Gujarat: Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi:The Aam Aadmi Party continues to expand its campaign in Gujarat in the run up to the elections. In this vein, AAP National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced his second guarantee for Gujarat . He said, “Aam Aadmi Party will provide employment to every unemployed youth of Gujarat; will offer Rs […]

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New Delhi:The Aam Aadmi Party continues to expand its campaign in Gujarat in the run up to the elections. In this vein, AAP National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced his second guarantee for Gujarat . He said, “Aam Aadmi Party will provide employment to every unemployed youth of Gujarat; will offer Rs 3,000 per month as unemployment allowance. AAP’s Gujarat Government will provide 10 lac government jobs to the youth of Gujarat. AAP’s Gujarat Government will introduce strong laws against paper leaks; eliminate corruption in the cooperative sector, and ensure jobs for the youth.”
At the same time, Arvind Kejriwal hit back hard at the BJP Government of Gujarat, attacking it over liquor deaths in the state and said, “If you want your child to be fed spurious liquor, vote for them; if you want employment & education for your child, vote for AAP. The Chief Minister of Gujarat has not yet checked upon the victims of spurious liquor, their people say that it will not affect their votebank. These people have been running illegal businesses worth thousands of crores of rupees in the name of liquor prohibition for many years in Gujarat.”

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He also targeted the incumbent government over its incessant corruption and stated, “These people distribute ‘Free Ki Rewri’ amongst their friends who take it to the Swiss banks for them; Kejriwal doesn’t have anything to take to the Swiss bank, Kejriwal distributes everything amongst the public. I want to ask the people of the country whether all the Rewri should go to the pockets of the people or should go to the Swiss banks. There should be a plebiscite in the country to ask whether or not should everyone get good education and good healthcare for free. Governments don’t incur losses because of giving free facilities to the public, but they go in debt when leaders steal from the exchequer. The Gujarat Government has a debt of Rs 3.5 lakh crore even when the public does not get anything for free; what is the reason behind such debt?”

AAP National Convenor and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said, “I got an opportunity to come to the pious land of Somnath. Last week, a tragic incident took place in Gujarat. Over 50 people died after consuming spurious liquor. May their souls rest in peace. I went to meet the survivors and the families of the bereaved in the hospital a day after the incident. ALl of them belonged to poor families. I could feel their pain when I was interacting with them. But I got to know that the Chief Minister of Gujarat is yet to meet them. C R Patil also did not go to meet them. I asked someone who belonged to the BJP why your CM and C R Patil did not go to meet them and he replied that this will not affect their vote bank. You don’t do everything to get votes, human lives also matter. Human lives are important and so are the relationships we share with each other. If the CM of Delhi can come and meet them, then so can the CM of Gujarat. In fact, it is his duty.”

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He continued, “When I went to the hospital and asked where they get the liquor, they told me that liquor is brought every evening and is sold immediately. I also asked if this sale takes place discreetly and they told me that it is openly sold. Liquor is sold in every village and whosoever wants it, can purchase it. They said that they drink daily. They also said that liquor is sold in cities as well. In fact, it is delivered at home if the customer wants it. But the BJP says that there is a liquor ban in Gujarat. The illegal trade of spurious liquor is worth thousands of crores in Gujarat. Whose trade is it which has been run for years? Those who want their children to consume spurious liquor, they can vote for the BJP. And those who want employment and excellent education for their children, they can vote for us.”

Arvind Kejriwal added, “If you vote for BJP, you will get spurious liquor and corruption. If you vote for us, you will get excellent education, healthcare and employment. I read the news a few days ago. A 23 years old from Gujarat committed suicide because he was unemployed. He applied at various places but didn’t get a job. When he lost all hope, he wrote a letter to his father in which said that he has no idea when the advertisement for government jobs will be released. Papers get leaked and one has to pay a bribe to get a government job. I am here to give a guarantee on this issue. I want to assure the youth of Gujarat, every boy and girl, that your elder brother is here. There will not be suicides anymore. I want to say to every father and mother that your son has come.”

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He further said, “Elections are due in December and you have to only wait for five months. We will get employment for everyone. You need not worry anymore and please don’t commit suicide. It is unbearable and it pains my heart when youth commits suicide. I have come here to give a guarantee. You may ask me what is a guarantee. Other political parties come with manifestos before the election. They make fancy promises such as giving 15 lakh to everyone but once the elections are over and they are being asked, they say that it was a ‘chunavi jumla’. It was merely said to get votes. AAP doesn’t do that. We will deliver what we promise. We pick our words very carefully. Hence, we make a guarantee. When you go to the market and the shopkeeper gives you a guarantee, he has to return the money if the product is defective. It is my guarantee and if I am unable to fulfil my promise, you can kick us out of Gujarat. I will not even come to seek votes in the next elections.”

The AAP National Convenor, “In my guarantee on employment, there are five guarantees. First, every youth will be employed within five years. You may say that Kejriwal has also come to fool us because this is not possible. I have already done that in Delhi. I gave employment to 12 lakh youth in the past five years. I know how to generate employment because my intentions are clear and I am well-educated. Now I have taken a pledge with all my ministers that I will give 20 lakh more jobs in Delhi in next five years. Second, until an unemployed youth gets a job, we will give an allowance of Rs Three thousand per month. This has been done keeping in mind that it takes time to generate employment and it is not possible to give employment immediately after coming to power.”

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“Third, we will release the notifications of 10 lakh government jobs and my blueprint is ready. Fourth, every government exam paper gets leaked and the students are deeply stressed because of it. We will bring a law against the incident of paper leak. We will not let any paper get leaked and we will give the strictest punishment to the mafia behind it. Fifth, people get jobs through the recommendation of politicians and by paying bribes in the cooperative sector. We will fix the system of giving jobs in the cooperative sector and make it transparent so that deserving candidates will get the job. I am making this request to the people of Gujarat to be patient for five months and not to commit suicide. These are my five guarantees on employment,” he added.

Arvind Kejriwal said, “I visited Gujarat a few days ago and made a guarantee on electricity. Today, electricity is so expensive in Gujarat that small households which only have a light, a fan, a TV and a fridge are getting bills in thousands of rupees. How will the common man feed their children? Their income is not increasing. People are losing their jobs. The expenses are rising. We supply free electricity to the people of Delhi and Punjab. First, We will also supply 300 units of electricity to every family of Gujarat. Second, The supply of electricity will be uninterrupted and people will get electricity 24×7. I know that there are a lot of power cuts in several areas of Gujarat. It is not like that we will give free electricity but there will be severe power cuts. It is pointless to have free electricity in such a case. Third, people have told me that they have got erroneous bills upto Rs fifty thousand to one lakh. When they go to get the bills corrected, they are asked to pay a bribe of Rs five thousand for it. We have decided to fix this system. We will waive off all the bills pending upto 31st December 2021. We will develop a system so that nobody will get any erroneous bill.”

He added, “I have already done this in Delhi and Punjab. Give us a chance and we will do the same in Gujarat as well. Today, all the other parties are going to abuse me on news channels on national and regional TV. They will say that I am distributing ‘free ki rewari’. The reality is that they give all the ‘free ki rewari’ to their friends and ministers. They deposit all their rewari in the Swiss Bank. I don’t do that, I distribute rewari to the people. A fews days ago, a grand Bundelkhand Expressway was in the news. It has a very long road and thousands of crores were spent. Merely five days after its inauguration, the road collapsed at various places. This means that they gave free ki rewari to the contractor. I want to put all the rewari into the pockets of the people. We have to end this system. All the rewari except one have to stop. Only rewari to people will continue. Their money should reach them.”

AAP National Convenor and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal asserted, “They said that if we give free ki rewari of education and healthcare, it will cause a huge loss to the government. Today, the Government of Gujarat has a debt of Rs 3.5 lakh crores. Am I responsible for this? Did they give any free ki rewari to the people of Gujarat? They don’t give anything for free, be it education, healthcare, electricity, water, free travel in government buses for women or pilgrimage for the elderly. Yet they have a debt of thousands of crores and it is because of corruption. Distributing free ki rewari doesn’t put you in debt but corruption and depositing money to the Swiss Bank does. Governments don’t run in loss if they actually serve the public. Those who are criticising me for distributing free ki rewari are corrupt and their intentions are not noble.”

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Arvind Kejriwal said, “I dare them to hold a referendum in the country and ask the people if their children should get excellent education for free. If their families should get excellent treatment, medicines and operation free of cost. If the people should get free electricity or the ministers should get free electricity. Entire free ki rewari go to the Swiss Bank or to the people? We have brought remarkable progress in Delhi. We have transformed the government schools. Children coming from poor families, children whose fathers are labourers or rickshaw pullers are becoming doctors and engineers. We have excellent schools and we are getting excellent results. We also provide excellent public healthcare for free. Even if the treatment costs Rs 1 crore, our government will bear the expenses. Women can travel for free in government buses. Electricity and water is supplied free of cost.”

“The Government of Singapore got to know that I am doing remarkable work and they invited me along with the global leaders. They also requested me to give a presentation on the Delhi Model. It is a matter of pride for the country but the BJP did not let me go. They wrote to the Government of Singapore to not invite me but any of their CMs. The Government of Singapore wrote a letter asking them to tell about the work done by their CMs. BJP did not reply to the letter because none of them had done any work. If I would have gone there, it would have brought glory to the country. But they did not let me go. I challenge them to construct even a single school like the ones I have constructed in Delhi. I have transformed numerous government schools so that children from poor families can study there. Similarly, construct even a single hospital or mohalla clinic like the ones I have constructed in Delhi,” he added.

AAP National Convenor and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal concluded, “Today, you have two models. One is the BJP model in which you will get spurious liquor, corruption and your children will commit suicide. All the rewari will go to Swiss Bank. Another model is ours in which you will get free electricity, excellent schools and hospitals. Your children will get employment. All the rewari will be distributed among the people. Our model is unique. They have been working for decades but they could not do anything. They cannot give free electricity, excellent schools and hospitals or employment. They don’t have the courage and intention to do so. I am requesting the people that their son, their brother has come and they should be patient for five more months. Continue giving support to me and together we will transform Gujarat. Everybody present here should go back to their place and ask the people to vote for ‘Jhaadu’.”

Earlier, AAP had announced its first guarantee for Gujarat, promising to supply 24×7 free electricity

The Aam Aadmi Party launched its widely successful ‘Kejriwal Ki Guarantee’ campaign in Gujarat on 21st July 2022. Under the campaign, AAP National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal goes to the ground in poll-bound states to understand problems plaguing the public and then announces his vision to overcome them in the form of guarantees. In this vein, Arvind Kejriwal had visited Surat, AAP’s stronghold in Gujarat, to announce his first guarantee for the state. He had announced three path-breaking guarantees relating to the contentious situation of electricity supply in the state. “First, the Aam Aadmi Party will provide 300 units of free electricity per month to each household in Gujarat within 3 months of coming to power. Gujarat has a two month billing system so each household will get 600 units of free electricity. Second, AAP’s Gujarat Government will ensure a 100% no-power cut state and provide 24×7 free electricity supply. Third, the AAP Government will waive off all old domestic bills upto 31st December 2021, to rid the public of erroneous billing made under the current BJP government,” Arvind Kejriwal had said.


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