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Is Thrillophilia Scam or Worth The Hype: Analysis of Thrillophilia Reviews

In the digital age, online reviews play a pivotal role in shaping consumer choices and brand perceptions. This research article delves into the online reviews for Thrillophilia, gaining popularity in the online travel and adventure industry. With an ever-expanding repository of adventure experiences and travel packages, Thrillophilia’s online presence has garnered significant attention from consumers […]

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In the digital age, online reviews play a pivotal role in shaping consumer choices and brand perceptions. This research article delves into the online reviews for Thrillophilia, gaining popularity in the online travel and adventure industry. With an ever-expanding repository of adventure experiences and travel packages, Thrillophilia’s online presence has garnered significant attention from consumers and reviewers alike. Our study seeks to unravel the nuances of these online reviews, exploring the themes, sentiments, and insights they contain. Through rigorous analysis, we aim to shed light on how these reviews influence consumer decisions.

The journey began with an examination of Thrillophilia reviews across various platforms, seeking insights into what contributes to the hype of this travel company. From scrutinizing the ratings of its salient features, to dissecting the review and rating patterns, and even comparing its performance against competitors as appraised by trusted reviewing platforms, this has been a comprehensive exploration.

How Customer Rated Thrillophilia Services on Different Parameters

Through meticulous analysis of 4000 Thrillophilia reviews of 3 months over different online review platforms, a graphical representation of the customer ratings of Thrillophilia’s salient features have been charted.

One of the first things that can be noticed is that- across most of the online reviewing platforms, Thrillophilia’s sales representatives earn a top position with an impressive average rating of 4.8. Customers, over various platforms, have appreciated the Sales POC and mentioned how promptly their queries were solved. Some even mentioned that the SalesPerson had excellent destination knowledge, shared valuable insights and helped in the easy customization of their trip.

Thrillophilia was given an average rating of 4.2 for the accommodation it provides to its customers. Some customers highlighted that the stays provided were hygienic, had a convenient location and good views, were well facilitated with all the amenities promised and had decent hotel services.

Another feature that customers rated 4.5 on an average is the Support Team. Customers in their reviews, highlighted how the customer service was quick and solution-oriented. Many customers also highlighted how they were provided with a dedicated Guest Experience Officer who kept a check-on them during the trip from time to time.

Thrillophilia’s on-ground support was also praised by a number of customers in their reviews over different online reviewing platforms. With an average rating of 4.6, one of the key aspects that came forth for on-ground support was knowledgeable guides and helpful local support team.

Other features of Thrillophilia that have been highlighted by travelers are- Itinerary Planning (avg rating of 4.4), Vehicles and Drivers (avg. rating of 4.1), Inclusions (avg. rating of 4.3) and Guide (avg rating of 4). Meals provided by Thrillophilia have been rated 3.9 on an average by the travelers who have booked their tour packages from Thrillophilia.

84% Reviews of Thrillophilia have Positive ratings in Last One Month


On diving into almost 1200 reviews in the last one month on Tripadvisor, MouthShut and other online review platforms combined, a substantial 84% share of positive ratings was highlighted underscoring the company’s exceptional performance.

Furthermore, 12% of the customers rated their experience with Thrillophilia to be neutral indicating a moderately enjoyable experience for customers. Comparatively, 4% of negative reviews reflect how Thrillophilia could concentrate on addressing potential loopholes to convert moderate experiences into highly satisfactory ones.

How People Rated Thrillophilia’s Domestic Tours

Thrillophilia provides tour packages to a wide array of domestic locales which is quite evident from the numerous reviews that customers have left across multiple review platforms such as Tripadvisor, MouthShut, etc. for the domestic tours from Thrillophilia.

After analyzing the last 5 months reviews for domestic tours, Thrillophilia Ladakh packages, they have been given an average rating of 4.8 by travelers across the various reviewing platforms, closely followed by Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh. Customers highlighted how the activities provided were unique and the attractions covered were offbeat, offering an immersive experience altogether. Many mentioned that the Ladakh Bike Tours offered by Thrillophilia are quite good and the experiences covered in Rajasthan tour packages are beyond the ordinary.

Himachal Tours from Thrillophilia were rated 4.5 on an average while Andaman Tours received a decent rating of 4.2.

Sikkim and Kashmir tour packages from Thrillophilia received respectable ratings of 4.4 as well, indicating a consistent appeal for the tour packages of northern destinations offered by Thrillophilia.

Thrillophilia has also pulled tourists to Meghalaya, Kerala, and Uttarakhand as travelers have left a significant number of positive reviews for the tour packages booked from Thrillophilia to these destinations.

A lukewarm inclination towards southern states indicates a potential for improvement in the travel experiences offered in Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu by Thrillophilia.

How People Rated Thrillophilia’s International Tours

After analyzing the reviews of travelers for the last 5 months on various online review platforms, an interesting trend emerged for the international tours offered by Thrillophilia.

Thailand tour packages from Thrillophilia stand tall with an impressive average rating of 4.9 across the major review platforms, followed closely by the Maldives and Dubai, each having an average rating of 4.9 and 4.8 respectively

Bali tour packages from Thrillophilia have also been given an average rating of 4.7, promising travelers unforgettable memories. Travelers have even rated well to the historically rich and diverse destinations like Japan, Turkey, France, Spain, and Italy.

Thrillophilia has also ventured into off-the-beaten-path gems like Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam, which is reflected in the reviews and ratings of the tour packages it offers to these less-popular destinations.

Thrillophilia vs Other OTA’s Ratings on Online Review Platforms

The data compiled from Mouth Shut, Trust Pilot, and SiteJabber provides valuable insights into customer satisfaction within the travel industry.

Thrillophilia emerges as a strong contender with an impressive average rating of 4.2 across these platforms. In contrast, industry giants like Make My Trip,, Thomas Cook, and Goibibo face a considerable challenge in achieving customer satisfaction. Their average ratings, ranging from 1.2 to 2.1, reveal a significant gap in overall customer experience when compared to Thrillophilia.

These findings underscore the importance of customer feedback and the discerning choices travelers make when selecting a travel service provider. It’s essential for travelers to weigh these ratings carefully when making decisions, as customer satisfaction is a key indicator of the quality of services offered by travel companies in the industry.


In conclusion, the data reveals a positive trend for Thrillophilia over the past month, with consistently high ratings for both domestic and international tours. Additionally, most of the key features of Thrillophilia which serve as the backbone for travel companies, have been given impressive ratings by customers over various review platforms.

Also, when compared to other online tour operators, Thrillophilia stands out, indicating its worth in the travel industry. While individual experiences may vary, the collective feedback suggests that Thrillophilia is not a scam and, indeed, lives up to the hype, offering reliable and satisfying travel services as reflected in the ratings across various online reviewing platforms.

First published on: Dec 10, 2023 04:46 AM IST

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