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Yamaha’s Game-Changer: The Handleless, Self-Balancing, AI Equipped Motoroid 2 Bike

Yamaha Motor envisions a symbiotic bond between rider and machine, where they resonate in perfect harmony.

Edited By : Saurav Gupta | Updated: Dec 19, 2023 12:08 IST
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Yamaha Motoroid 2
Yamaha Motoroid 2

Yamaha, renowned for its cutting-edge motorcycle aesthetics, has revolutionized the conventional motorcycle blueprint with its latest concept. This innovation challenges the time-honored norms of motorcycles, envisioning a profound partnership between man and machine.

Unveiling Yamaha Motoroid 2 Concept: Handlebar-Free Wonder

Yamaha introduces the Motoroid 2, a concept bike without handlebars, heralding a suite of unprecedented features. Visually akin to bikes from futuristic science fiction films, this concept incorporates unique technologies like the twisting swingarm, AI facial recognition, and self-balancing capabilities, defying conventional motorcycle norms.

Futuristic Technology Unveiled

The Motoroid 2 doesn’t need a stand; it self-balances effortlessly. With its facial recognition system, it identifies the owner, activating all functions. While presented as a concept, Yamaha aims to reimagine human-machine interfaces profoundly, encapsulating an intriguing blend of novelty and anticipation.

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The Pioneering Design

Replacing the conventional handlebar with studded handgrips, the Motoroid 2’s futuristic appearance triggers discussions about potential risks.

Yamaha’s Visionary Goal

Yamaha Motor envisions a symbiotic bond between rider and machine, where they resonate in perfect harmony, akin to partners. After unveiling the first-generation MOTOROiD concept in 2017, Yamaha now introduces the second generation at the Japan Mobility Show, symbolizing years of dedicated research and refinement.

The Intelligent Features

The MOTOROiD2 recognizes its owner, rises from the kickstand, and moves with the rider, evoking a feeling akin to riding a living entity. Employing AI technology for image recognition, it senses and reacts to the owner’s facial expressions and body language, sporting a chassis unique to previous motorcycle designs.

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The Ingenious Engineering

Sporting a hub-driven rear wheel, the bike utilizes the Active Mass Center Control System (AMCES) for attitude sensing. The swingarm, connected to a motor beneath the seat, enables the entire rear wheel to pivot. This innovative design includes a rotating battery box to maintain the bike’s weight balance during movement, termed the Active Mass Center Control System (AMCES) technology.

Beyond Expectations: Autonomous Functionality

The company’s demonstration showcased the bike’s independent movement without a rider, responding to the expressions and actions of a model nearby. Evidently equipped with self-balancing and autonomous capabilities, the Motoroid 2 sets a new standard in motorcycle innovation.

First published on: Dec 19, 2023 12:08 PM IST

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