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Video: Quality Headlights, Large Tires And Dirt Bike Aesthetics: Royal Enfield’s Himalayan EV ‘Ends Competition’

Bike enthusiasts have developed strong affinity for Royal Enfield motorcycles, eagerly awaiting company's entry into the electric bike market.

Edited By : Pranjal Gupta | Updated: Nov 7, 2023 22:29 IST
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New Delhi: Bike enthusiasts have developed a strong affinity for Royal Enfield motorcycles, eagerly awaiting the company’s entry into the electric bike market. The wait is now over, as the company has unveiled its maiden electric motorcycle, the Royal Enfield HIM-E, at the ongoing EICMA Motor Show in Milan, Italy. This particular model is entirely electric, although critical details such as its powertrain specifications, pricing, and delivery timeline remain undisclosed. The HIM-E is positioned as a premium bike, tailor-made to deliver exceptional performance on challenging terrains.

Dirt-Inspired Aesthetics

The Royal Enfield HIM-E closely resembles an updated version of the company’s popular Himalayan model. One notable departure from traditional motorcycle design is the absence of an exhaust system, replaced by a battery setup in the bike’s lower section. It’s further distinguished by its distinctive spoke wheels, contributing to its unique appearance. Safety features include disc brakes on both wheels, making it a standout choice for those seeking a rugged and unconventional-looking bike.

Robust Suspension and Large Tires

The HIM-E is equipped with oversized rubber tires and substantial suspension components, emphasizing its suitability for off-road use. While currently undergoing testing, the bike is anticipated to become available for riders by the year 2025, with an official launch date yet to be disclosed. Notably, the rear tire is noticeably wider than the front, enhancing its stability and traction in challenging environments.

Eye-Catching Illumination

A captivating round headlight graces the front of the bike, adorned with multiple smaller bulbs that add to its appeal. An LCD panel is featured on the bike, indicating its advanced capabilities and potentially high power output. The estimated long driving range on a single charge suggests its prowess as an electric vehicle. Furthermore, the HIM-E incorporates a new, ergonomically designed curved seat, catering to long-distance rides through mountainous or elevated terrains.

In essence, the Royal Enfield HIM-E embodies the spirit of adventure and off-road riding, appealing to motorcycle enthusiasts looking for a high-performance electric option that can conquer even the most challenging landscapes. Despite the anticipation and excitement surrounding this innovative motorcycle, key details regarding its powertrain, pricing, and availability remain undisclosed, leaving riders eager for more information.

First published on: Nov 07, 2023 10:29 PM IST

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