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Unbelievable Uber Bill: How Did A Routine Trip Turn Into A 7.5 Crore Nightmare?

The person was presented with a bill from uber amounting to Rs 7,66,83,762, covering waiting time and additional charges. The trip fare was priced at Rs 1,67,74,647, while the waiting period accrued a fee of Rs 5,99,09,189.

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If you leave for the office early in the morning and receive a bill worth crores of rupees, it’s from the auto you booked. Uber has similarly charged a customer, leaving them concerned about the unexpected bill. Deepak Tenguriya experienced a similar incident. He booked an auto through Uber, initially shown a fare of Rs 62. However, upon completion of the trip, the situation drastically changed, resulting in an Uber journey worth crores of rupees.

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Uber issues a bill of 7.5 crore

The company issued a bill of Rs 7,66,83,762 to the consumer, inclusive of waiting time and other details. The trip fare was charged by the company at Rs 1,67,74,647, while the waiting time incurred a charge of Rs 5,99,09,189. Additionally, the company extended a promotional discount of Rs 75 on the bill. Thus, the journey ended up costing the customer over Rs 7.6 crore. The victim shared a video of herself with the bill on social media platform X.

After the post on X, the company replied through its support bot, expressing regret for the inconvenience caused. They requested some time to investigate the issue and assured the customer of providing an update soon. This incident isn’t the first time Uber has sent such a massive bill to someone. A similar situation occurred with a couple last year when their $55 journey bill amounted to $29,994. However, the company later clarified that the price was displayed in Costa Rican Colon instead of US dollars.

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First published on: Mar 30, 2024 04:50 PM IST

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