This Bike From Royal Enfield Is MOST Sold, And It’s Not Bullet

Royal Enfield's Classic 350 secured the 9th position among the top ten bikes sold in the country. The company sold more than 30000 units in a year.

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Royal Enfield Classic 350 broke its own record in 2023, as the sale of the Classic increased by 13.34 per cent compared to previous year. People often refer to Royal Enfield as Bullet in the Indian market. Enfield’s Bullet remains the top-selling and most-liked bike for centuries. If you hear or want to buy a Royal Enfield, your mind automatically thinks about the Bullet or classic.

However, the bike manufacturers made some extra-ordinary changes to upgrade the bullet, which eventually was liked by bike lovers.  According to reports, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 led sales charts in November 2023 and sold more than 30,000 motorcycles.

According to data, ” November 2023, Royal Enfield’s Classic 350 emerged as the top-selling motorcycle for the brand, with a notable increase of 13.34% compared to November 2022. The model witnessed robust sales, reaching a total of 30,264 units, securing the 9th position among the top-10 bikes sold in the country.”

The Classic 350 starts from ₹1.93 lakh and ₹2.24 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). The Classic 350 offers options of single-channel ABS and dual-channel ABS. The bike features a 350-cc single-cylinder 4-stroke air-cooled engine, delivering a power output of 20.2 PS and 27 Nm. With a 5-speed constant mesh gearbox, the motorcycle weighs 195 kilograms.

Royal Enfield line-up and price:
1. Classic 350: The ex-showroom price ranges from INR 1.93 lakh to INR 2.25 lakh, making it a powerful and feature-packed choice with good mileage.

2. Hunter 350: The ex-showroom price varies from INR 1.50 lakh to INR 1.75 lakh, catering to the preferences of the youth with impressive sales.

3. Super Meteor 650 (Cruiser): Priced between INR 3.61 lakh and INR 3.91 lakh, it currently stands as the company’s most expensive product, offering a powerful cruising experience.

4. Bullet 350: Following an update this year, the new Bullet 350’s ex-showroom price ranges from INR 1.74 lakh to INR 2.16 lakh.

5. Scram 411: With an ex-showroom price starting at INR 2.06 lakh and reaching up to INR 2.12 lakh, the Scram 411 caters to adventure enthusiasts.

6. Continental GT 650: Priced between INR 3.19 lakh and INR 3.45 lakh, the Continental GT 650 exudes classic styling and performance.

7. Interceptor 650: With an ex-showroom price ranging from INR 3.03 lakh to INR 3.31 lakh, the Interceptor 650 offers a blend of classic design and modern features.

Royal Enfield recently unveiled its latest addition, the Shotgun 650, a formidable bobber-style motorcycle, with the pricing set to be revealed soon.

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First published on: Dec 23, 2023 12:38 PM IST

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