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MXmoto Unveils Smart And Swanky ECO Scooter With Surprising Tag, Know Details HERE

The advanced e-scooters stand out from their counterparts, being the perfect blend of high performance, safety and intelligence.

Edited By : Saurav Gupta | Updated: Sep 28, 2023 15:49 IST
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MXmoto Unveils ECO Scooter
MXmoto Unveils ECO Scooter

After having amazed the Indian riders with the sporty and powerful electric bike – MX9, mXmoto, an emerging leader in clean mobility, has now launched another ground-breaking electric vehicle – mXv ECO scooters. The advanced electric scooters stand out from their counterparts in the market, being the perfect blend of high performance, safety and intelligence. The e-scooters are now available in the market at an attractive price range of Rs.84,999/- onwards.

“Despite being the budget scooter, mXv ECO is loaded with all the high-end features, including a 6-inch TFT screen, 3000 Watt BLDC Hub Motor, and high-efficiency regenerative braking. The posh and powerful scooter is equipped with LiFePO4 batteries, which are known for their unmatched quality, efficiency, and performance all over the world,” said Rajendra Malhotra, Managing Director, mXmoto.

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The LifePO4 batteries boast the highest level of safety in battery technology, enabling them to store a remarkable amount of energy in proportion to their size and weight. This advancement empowers electric Scooters with extended range and prolonged riding times, rendering them highly practical for both daily commuting and longer journeys.

A 3000 Watt BLDC Hub Motor, 580, rpm rim, 140N.m motor torque and 98 per cent conversion efficiency make mXv ECO a symbol of high performance and efficiency. The high-performance motor of mXv ECO unleashes power, quickness and efficiency. Developed in India, the cutting-edge motor delivers an impressive output with swift acceleration, supported by the robust torque of the C35 magnet separations. mXv ECO is also equipped with 38 AMP high-performance controller, which offers regenerative braking, redefining the standards of power and efficiency. With an impressive increase in output power, it stimulates the driving system to achieve higher levels of performance.

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The detachable batteries in the all-new mXv Eco include circuitry that prevents overcharging. This feature stops the charging process once the battery reaches its full capacity, preventing excessive voltage levels that could lead to overheating or even explosion. mXv ECO features a dynamic LED headlight for unmatched visibility. The LED headlight from MXMOTO is designed to adapt to all road conditions, providing exceptional illumination during both day and night. With high brightness, wide angles, and precise light distribution, it ensures maximum safety for riders.

In mXv ECO, innovation and technology converge to redefine the landscape of performance scooters. Some of the most transforming intelligent features of mXv ECO include front disc brake system, LED direction indicator, TFT Screen which provides on-board navigation, on-ride calling and Bluetooth sound system, cruise control, reverse assist, parking assist and self-diagnosis / auto repair. While being an exemplary combination of safety, intelligence and performance, mXv ECO also offers its riders a comfortable ride during both short and long-distance commutes. The contract stitching of the seats of mXv ECO and the flat footboard offer maximum comfort and style.

Range: 80-100 KM/Charge – Ex Showroom Price is Rs 84,999/-

Range: 105- 120 KM/Charge – Ex Showroom Price is Rs 94,999/-

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