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Iconic Yamaha RX100 Gets A Retro Revival! Watch Rebirth Of A Legend (Video)

The iconic Yamaha RX100 motorcycle gets a new lease on life in a stunning restoration video. Witness a rusty junkyard find meticulously transformed back to its former glory. From frame repair to engine work, every detail is lovingly restored, bringing the legendary two-stroke roar back to life.

Edited By : Auto Desk | Updated: May 9, 2024 16:09 IST
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Yamaha RX100

Yamaha RX100: This name needs no introduction! Once a heart-throb of the youth, this iconic motorcycle still evokes nostalgia. This timeless machine from the 90s continues to hold a special place in many hearts as we often come across the various versions of the restoration of the RX100. 

We see several videos online revealing how people lovingly restored this retro motorcycle from the past. One such video shows how a rusty old Yamaha RX100 is beautifully restored to its full glory.

From Junkyard to Jewel: Saving a Yamaha RX100

A YouTube channel named ‘Repair and Restoration’ has posted a video showing a person taking out a Yamaha RX100 motorcycle, which appears to be dumped in a junkyard. The motorcycle is indeed in very bad shape. The man then takes it to the workshop, where the restoration begins. Most of the parts had rust and the engine also did not run. 

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The Full Restoration of an Abandoned Yamaha RX100

To start with, they first disassemble the motorcycle, removing all the panels including the fuel tank, broken instrument cluster, turn indicators, headlights, taillights, and side covers. The front and rear suspensions are removed after the body panels are taken out. Then they proceed to take out the chain sprocket, wheels, engine, and all other parts.

Finally, the only thing left is the chassis, on which a solution is applied to completely wipe away the grease, dust, and dirt. It is then nicely cleaned with a high-pressure washer and is checked for solidity. They discovered that some parts of the chassis had rust or possibly cracks and it required a welding job. The entire frame is then repainted in black.

Watch How This Battered RX100 Becomes New Again

Some small dents can be seen on the fuel tank with the original stickers missing. They repaired and repainted the entire tank and pasted stickers. The side covers received the same treatment. Next, they took the engine for a spin and fixed it.

The silencer, which generates the signature two-stroke engine tone, was also restored and installed back on this motorcycle. The mudguard, both at the front and rear, had rust issues, and they were replaced with new panels. Once the work had finished, the motorcycle was looking brand new.

The RX100 Roars Back to Life: A Restored Beauty

The motorcycle then got the repaired or replaced steel rims, tubes, suspension, and tires installed. They also repainted the handlebars and reupholstered the seats. The instrument panel, headlights, and turn indicators were replaced. The silencer, which generates the signature two-stroke engine tone, was also restored and installed back on this motorcycle. The front and rear fenders too had rust and hence they were replaced too. And voila! A reborn Yamaha RX100 is ready to roar.

The End of an Era: Remembering the Yamaha RX100

Escorts Yamaha manufactured the Yamaha RX100 motorcycle back then. Unfortunately, it was the end of the road for the motorcycle in 1996. It was a quick motorcycle, thanks to its lightweight body. With a 100cc engine belting out 11bhp, the legendary motorcycle offered a peppier experience and this was mainly due to its lightweight body.

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First published on: May 09, 2024 04:09 PM IST

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