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Electric Vs Petrol Car Battle In India: The Green Ride Or The Fuel Guzzler?

Electric Car Vs Petrol Car? Unsure which car to choose in India? We compare the eco-friendly benefits of electric vehicles with the affordability of petrol cars. Decide your ideal Indian drive!

Edited By : Auto Desk | Mar 16, 2024 18:52 IST
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Electric Vs Petrol Car
Electric Vs Petrol Car

Electric Vs Petrol Car Battle In India: The roads in India are buzzing with cars but many people wonder: petrol or electric? Choosing between these two options can be tricky as both have their pros and cons. While petrol is a budget-friendly option, electric is an environment-friendly choice. While we will touch the factors like cost, convenience, care and more, the choice will ultimately depend on your budget and driving habits. Let’s dive deeper into the pros and cons of each to unveil the Electric Cars Vs Petrol cars showdown from an Indian perspective.

Electric cars vs petrol cars

Cost matters

Although the initial cost of buying petrol cars is cheaper, what can add up to the expenses is the fluctuation in fuel prices. On the other hand, the initial cost to purchase electric cars is higher despite the subsidies from the government. However, charging it is significantly cheaper as electricity rates are generally stable. So, if you consider the long run, electric cars can be more affordable even as they might seem pricier upfront.

Charging vs refuelling: Convenience matters

Refuelling petrol cars is quick and convenient given the wide availability of fuel stations across India. However, the EV charging infrastructure remains under development in the country. Although public charging stations are rising in numbers, it might be a hassle finding them, especially on long journeys. Their limited availability leaves people in a worry about running out of power before reaching a charging point. However, the plus thing is that to get convenient overnight charging, you can get a charging point installed at home.

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Maintenance matters

Electric cars have lower maintenance costs as compared to petrol vehicles. This is because electric vehicles generally have fewer moving parts, however, petrol cars need regular maintenance and servicing such as emission checks, spark plug replacements and oil changes. However, in the case of EVs, it’s important to monitor battery health and get replacements when required.

The green game

With zero emissions, electric cars contribute to cleaner air. Therefore they are clear winners in terms of environment-friendliness. On the other hand, petrol cars are known for contributing to poor air quality and health by releasing harmful pollutants. Going for an electric car shows that you are contributing towards a greener future. 

Performance punch

The instant torque of electric motors results in electric cars having a surprising acceleration. In terms of speed, the petrol cars might have a slight edge. However, electric cars can be nimble for daily city drives.

Resale reality

The resale value market of electric vehicles is still evolving given that EVs are a relatively new technology. On the other hand, the resale value of petrol cars is generally well-established.

The Indian EV landscape: A work in progress

The Indian government is providing subsidies and tax breaks to actively promote the adoption of electric vehicles. Moreover, to suit diverse budgets and requirements, car manufacturers are launching a wider range of electric cars in the market. However, what still requires a significant improvement is the charging infrastructure, especially for long journeys.

So, which one should you choose: Electric Vs Petrol Car?

Choosing between the two ultimately depends on your priorities and driving habits. An EV can be a great choice for those who do daily city commutes and have installed a charging point at home. This will offer a long-term saving and add your bit to the environment. However, if you are a frequent long-distance traveller or are tight on budget, you can go for a petrol car for now.

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First published on: Mar 16, 2024 06:52 PM IST

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