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Charging Infrastructure For Electric Vehicles in India – Know Now!

Currently, the total number of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in India is 12,146, far less than that of China (11 lakh), USA (1,13,527), and South Korea (106,701). To catch up to the skyrocketing demand for EVs, India should add 4,00,000 charging stations annually. Let’s explore.

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Charging Infrastructure For Electric Vehicles
Charging Infrastructure For Electric Vehicles

Charging Infrastructure For Electric Vehicles in India: 12,146 public charging stations for electric vehicles are there across India, as per the latest data available till February 2, 2024. Maharashtra has the most number of operational EV charging stations with 3,079 units across the state. It is followed by Delhi (1,886), Karnataka (1,041), Kerala (852), Tami Nadu (643), and Uttar Pradesh (582). Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in India is still in its initial phases. 

Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles in India vs Other Countries in the World

In comparison to other countries in the world, there is a lack of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in India. 

  • Reports say China has 1.1 million (or 11 lakh) EV charging stations, making it the leading country with the most number of charging stations for electric vehicles. 41% of the total EV stations have fast-charging facilities. 
  • The USA has 1,13,527 charging stations for EVs, out of which just 21,752 stations have fast charging facilities. 
  • Another Asian country, South Korea, has 106,701 public charging stations for electric vehicles, which includes 15,067 stations having fast charging facilities. 

As noted above, there are just 12,146 public charging stations for EVs in India, which is highly inadequate. Currently, there are more than 3.45 million (34.5 lakh) registered electric vehicles in India (as of January 2024). This number is expected to become 14.4 million (1.44 crores) by 2030. 

Government Intervention to Strengthen Charging Infrastructure 

The Indian government is aware of the lack of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in India. To strengthen the EV charging infrastructure in India, the Union government has adopted a multi-pronged approach. Let’s explore.

  • FAME-II Scheme

    • Union government has allocated Rs. 800 crore to the Indian oil companies and asked them to set up 7,432 electric vehicle fast charging stations. The deadline for this project is March 2024. 
    • The government is also encouraging small businesses and RWAs to expand the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in India by subsidising charging infrastructure installation for EVs. 
    • Under the FAME II scheme, 148 charging stations for EVs have been commissioned. 56 are in Gujarat, 30 in Kerala, 21 in Delhi, and 13 each in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. Rest of the 18 EV charging stations are commissioned in Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Haryana, Meghalaya, and Karnataka. 

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  • Mandate for Public Charging Infrastructure

All private players have been issued guidelines by the Ministry of Power, asking them to install EV charging stations under the EESL initiative. All fuel stations and public parking lots spread across 5,000 sq mts or more have been mandated by the government to install EV charging infrastructure. 

Final Words

According to a CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) report, India will require around 1.32 million (13,2 lakh) EV charging stations to meet the growing needs of electric vehicles by 2030. To meet the anticipated demand for EVs, India needs to install 4,00,000 charging stations every year. 

The “Roadmap for Future Mobility 2030” report weighs in favour of maintaining a 1:40 ratio or 1 charging infrastructure for every 40 electric vehicles. 

The government of India believes that the country will have a strong network of charging infrastructure for EVs by 2030. Its enthusiasm is based on its multipronged approach to EV charging infra development and promotion. Meaningful and continuous engagement with private players, reforms, and incentivisation of EV charging infrastructure development would make charging infrastructure for electric vehicles strong in the next few years.

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First published on: Mar 16, 2024 06:23 PM IST

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