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Anurradha Prasad

Editor in Chief

Mrs. Anuradha Prasad, the Editor-in-Chief of News 24 and Chairman and Managing Director of BAG Networks, has consistently regarded journalism not merely as a profession but as a mission. Over the course of her career spanning more than three and a half decades, she has ventured into various domains within the television and media landscape. She has borne witness to the rapidly evolving landscape within the industry, establishing herself as a firebrand reporter and a visionary, thereby solidifying herself as a cornerstone in the industry.

BAG Networks, since its establishment in 1993, has expanded its horizons and evolved into a prominent 360-degree integrated Media and Entertainment brand in India. The organization has diversified its operations into the realms of television and film production, media education and training, news media, and convergence. The subsidiaries operating under the BAG Networks banner include News24, E24, Darshan24, and Dhamaal24.

While Patna serves as her place of birth, Delhi has become her professional abode after she completed her studies at Delhi University and embraced journalism as her chosen vocation. As a television journalist, she has consistently provided an unswerving voice to the people of India, always bearing the mantra "Think First" in her mind. Through her program "ItihasGawah Hai" on News24, she routinely engages her audience in an insightful exploration of historically significant events and incidents. Her show "Bharat Bhagya Vidhata" serves as a platform for various individuals and institutions that work silently, away from the spotlight, to fortify democracy.

Thanks to her innovative and profound thought process, the program "Mahul-kya-hai" on News24 has provided a vast platform for the voices of common citizens, while the television series "India's Tiger" narrates compelling tales of the lives of unsung spies who have worked tirelessly in the shadows to safeguard India's security. Their heroic stories have often faded into obscurity. "Manthan" is an annual event organized by News24, where individuals in positions of power within the democracy engage in honest interactions with the general public, fostering a candid exchange of ideas.

During the 1990s, two of her programs, "The Horse's Mouth" and "Let's Talk," introduced an unprecedented format for interviewing and presenting globally renowned and celebrated individuals to the Indian audience. On her show "Aamne Saamne," her incisive and fearless style of questioning often left political luminaries visibly challenged. Under her leadership, BAG Network produced several popular shows addressing social issues and raising awareness about matters of significance. During election seasons, the network consistently presents engaging and informative shows that candidly profile contesting politicians for the benefit of the audience.

Mrs. Anuradha Prasad is a pioneering figure in Indian journalism, a first-generation journalist, whose formidable intellect and innovative show formats have reshaped the landscape of news presentation on Indian television. She is a devoted individual, perpetually in pursuit of fresh and captivating content to surprise and engage her audience.