WATCH: World’s largest volcano erupts after 38 years

New Delhi: The Mauna Loa volcano of Hawaii has started erupting. It is considered to be the world’s largest volcano. The eruption started on Sunday night as per the US Geological Service’s (USGS).

Eruption continues at Mauna Loa 

The notification from USGS said, “The eruption continues at the summit of Mauna Loa. All vents remain restricted to the summit area. However, lava flows in the summit region are visible from Kona. There is currently no indication of any migration of the eruption into a rift zone.”


WARNING/RED at Mauna Loa

Based on previous events, the notification has also warned that early eruption stages of the volcano can be very dynamic. Rapid changes can be witnessed in the location and advance flow of lava.

The notification further read, “The Volcano Alert Level and Aviation Color Code for Mauna Loa remains at WARNING/RED.”

“HVO is continuing to monitor conditions carefully and will issue additional notices as needed,” it read further.

Over dozen earthquakes occur

As soon as the eruption began over 24 earthquake struck the region within two hours. The magnitude of the all the earthquakes were measure over 2.5 on the Richter scale as per the USGS. The maximum magnitude of one of the earthquake was measured 4.2 in magnitude.

Last eruption occurred in 1984

Mauna Loa spreads over half of the Big Island in Hawaii. It rises 13,679 feet (4,169 meters) above the Pacific Ocean. The las time when the volcano erupted was in March and April of 1984. At that time the flow of lava engulfed 5 miles (8. (Jordan-anwar) 05 km) of the city of Hilo.

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