WATCH: US jets shoot down Chinese spy balloon on Biden’s order

New Delhi: For the last few days, some spy balloons were seen in the US area. These balloons have been shot down. As US fighter jets shot down a Chinese ‘spy’ balloon off the Carolina coast on Saturday, President Joe Biden said he ordered the Pentagon to shoot down the suspected Chinese surveillance balloon as soon as possible.

Biden ordered the take down

After a successful campaign by the US Air Force, Biden spoke to the media in Maryland and said, “When I was informed about the balloon on Wednesday, I ordered the Pentagon to shoot it down as soon as possible.” He decided to do it. without harming anyone on the ground. He decided that the best time to do so was when it was over open water.

Further, lauding the aviators who carried out the operation, Biden said, “They successfully brought it down. I want to congratulate our aviators who did it. And we will have to report about it after a while.”


China threatens repercussions

Joe Biden said that two of our ships have reached the spot to pick up the debris. They include divers as well as FBI officers. They will also be used for recovery missions if needed.

Meanwhile, China threatened repercussions, while condemning the Pentagon’s decision, accusing the United States of “clearly overreacting and seriously violating international practice”.

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