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Treated like a piece of meat: Woman prisoner alleges sexual assault on cops, video surfaces

The incident highlights the need to keep the administrative authorities in check and hold them accountable for their actions.

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Manchester: Zayna Iman’s brave decision to come forward and waive her anonymity has brought to light shocking allegations of sexual assault and mistreatment during her 40-hour ordeal in Greater Manchester Police’s main station. The distressing incident has ignited calls for an investigation and accountability.

Iman’s demand gaining momentum

Iman’s demand for answers about the events during her detention has gained momentum, particularly regarding the missing three hours of video footage, SKY News reported. Support from a former senior officer within the Greater Manchester Police and a government minister’s pledge to involve the police watchdog in the investigation further amplify the seriousness of the matter.

CCTV footage shows the prevalent harrowing conditions

Recently released video clips have exposed the harrowing conditions Iman endured while in police custody. The footage shows her being carried into a cell, forcibly placed on a thin mattress, and left topless and alone. The alleged strip search carried out by four female police officers has been strongly questioned by the former GMP chief superintendent, who found Iman’s claims credible.

Medical records indicating sexual injuries further corroborate the severity of the alleged mistreatment.

Police arrested Iman on pretense of cocaine influnce

The arrest itself took place in response to a welfare call-out regarding a woman suspected of being under the influence of cocaine. During the arrest, Iman reportedly knocked the glasses off a female police officer’s face.

In the wake of the distressing incident, Greater Manchester Police has stated that Iman’s clothes were removed and replaced with anti-rip garments due to welfare concerns.

The video footage reveals Iman’s evident agitation and distress during her 26 hours of undress in detention. At one point, she is seen standing on a bench with a blanket around her shoulders, drawing attention to what appears to be blood between her feet. Only minutes before leaving the cell, 40 hours after her arrival, she was provided with a tracksuit.

The gravity of the situation has sparked serious concerns about police conduct and the treatment of detainees. The call for a thorough investigation into the matter seeks to ensure accountability and justice for Iman. As the case unfolds, society looks to the authorities to address these disturbing allegations and take necessary steps to prevent such incidents in the future.

First published on: Jul 27, 2023 08:32 AM IST

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