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‘Refusal to compromise is downfall of generosity…’: Paris Keswani

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New Delhi: Paris Keswani, the ambassador of goodwill, Founder of the Great Giving Global Academy, has made an exceptional difference in the fight to normalize free education for all kids and youths.

As the main impetus behind this once-in-a-lifetime endeavor, Paris gave all of her love for humanity in planning and carrying out the creation of this magnificent information exchange and knowledge-accumulation edifice. She founded the GG Academy with the notion that an academy should be built on an all-encompassing classical educational philosophy that effectively unifies the mind and body without upsetting the students’ spirits.


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It is a rare occasion when children who have been abandoned on the streets of the world and left to suffer in abject poverty until they pass away are given a place in an academy comparable to those found today in Ivy League schools, demonstrating to the world that their talents can be just as deserving of a Nobel Prize.

Paris said, “Each time I peruse the pages of such esteemed online finance publications as Bloomberg, Forbes, London Financial Tiems and Wall Street Journal, I always run into a magnanimous outline of how many billionaires were added to the runaway computational matrix used to keep the data by these organizations. However, I hardly see the data on the number of newly made homeless, hapless, impoverished by INHUMANE POLICIES and laws in the localities where the said billionaires were counted.”

“Meaning lies in the etymology of words…”

She further said, “As a humble student of history and one with a natural love for origin of words and other such phenomena that may remain inexplicable if we didn’t forage through those dark tunnels of the past ages, I decided to look up the origin of the word poor.”

Outlining the etymology of the word poor, she said “From the Webster’s English Dictionary poor (adj.) c. 1200, “lacking money or resources, destitute of wealth; needy, indigent;” also “small, scanty,” also voluntarily and deliberately, “devoid of possessions in conformity with Christian virtues,” from Old French povre “poor, wretched, dispossessed; inadequate; weak, thin” (Modern French pauvre), from Latin pauper “poor, not wealthy,” from pre- Latin *pau-paros “producing little; getting little,” a compound from the roots of paucus “little” (from PIE root *pau- (1) “few, little”) and parare “to produce, bring forth” from PIE root *pere- (1) “to produce, procure”.”

“We can end hunger and starvation together by our unbridled acts of kindness” says PARIS KESWANI

“Refusal to compromise is downfall of generosity…”

“As can be gleaned from the preceding excerpts, the word poor is simply synthetic and introduced at a time when the world had immersed itself into multitudes of
resolvable conflicts and in so doing created an unfortunate population of war victims made destitute by our refusal to yield and find common grounds for conflict resolution. Should our stubbornness and refusal to compromise become the downfall of our natural sense of generosity?”


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“We receive the same air, but some with empty stomachs…”

“Factor found in every race, gender, creed, and class is our unhinged access to oxygen which we must breathe in to stay alive. I kindly and humbly remind us all that for each iota of breath you take, there are millions of nostrils receiving the same ounce of air but in empty stomachs.”


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“With all the trillions of dollars created through the ingenuity of people and the commands of national governments, we should appeal to our innate spirit of generosity and share the excess we have accumulated with those of us who do not have.”

“Poverty Our Collective Shame in the Age of Abundance” By PARIS KESWANI, Ambassador of Goodwill, Humanitarian Emeritus.

The man with 1100 rooms in a mansion

Concealing the identity of a wealthy man she said, “I kindly leave you with this anecdote of a very wealthy Man, whose name we respectfully conceal, who held an exclusive interview with a famous journalist. The wealthy Man spent many hours talking about his possessions and especially his 1100 room mansion which he was obviously proud of.”

She further said, “At the end of the interview the journalist summoned up courage and asked the wealthy man in how many rooms he was going to sleep that night, bearing in mind that he had 1100 rooms in his mansion. The wealthy Man realizing the almost biblical folly found in the opulent display of his acquisitions became very angry and banned the journalist from ever interviewing him again.”


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“Summon the courage of kindness…”

“Rather than getting angry at the truth, we should summon the courage of kindness, do charitable works and strive to become a cheerful global humanitarian. We can end hunger and starvation together by our unbridled acts of kindness.”

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