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Not just Kohinoor, Royal Family possess THESE priced items as well

The Kohinoor diamond in the Queen's crown is not the only item that doesn't belongs to Royal Army. Let us find out what else they possess.

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New Delhi: As the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing gained attention, a new Twitter trend #Kohinoor gained traction. Twitter users urged that UK should return India’s Kohinoor diamond. Many individuals think the priceless diamond that is currently set in the Queen’s crown belongs back in India.

The world is curious about how the UK obtained a number of priceless items that were either stolen or looted from other nations during their colonial rule amid all these difficulties. Some of the most priced items are listed below.

Great Star of Africa diamond

The “Great Star of Africa” diamond is one of the Queen’s many valued possessions, and it stands out. It is the biggest diamond in the world and weighs over 530 carats. The Great Star of Africa, which is thought to be worth over $400 million, was mined in South Africa in 1905.

Many African historians contend that the diamond, which was mined in 1905 and given to Edward VII, was actually taken or stolen by the British government while they were still colonial rulers. The Queen’s sceptre currently contains the Great Star of Africa.

The Great Star of Africa diamond
The Great Star of Africa diamond

Tipu Sultan’s ring

After losing the war with the British in 1799, Tipu Sultan is said to have had his ring stolen by them from his dead body. Numerous media sources claim that the ring was purchased by an unknown bidder for about 1,45,000 British pounds at an auction in the UK.

Tipu Sultan's Ring
Tipu Sultan’s Ring

Rosetta Stone

Egyptian activists and archaeologists want to bring back the Rosetta Stone to Egypt. It was originally discovered in Egypt itself. At the moment, the British Museum is showing off the Rosetta Stone.

Archaeologists assert that they can demonstrate that Britain “stole” the Rosetta Stone, according to a number of regional media. The Rosetta Stone was created in 196 BC, and historians claim that Britain got it in the 1800s after defeating France in a fight.

Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone

Elgin Marbles

According to numerous media sources and historical records, Lord Elgin purportedly transferred the stones from the deteriorating Parthenon walls to London in 1803. This is also the basis for the name Elgin Marbles given to these priceless marbles.

Greece has been requesting the return of its valuable asset since 1925, but the marbles have stayed at the British Museum.

Elgin Marble
Elgin Marble

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