Nord Stream Leaks: Russia’s Hybrid war or EU’s sabotage?

New Delhi: The Danish authorities were informed on Monday evening of a major pressure drop on Nord Stream 1. It concerns two leaks, one in the Danish economic zone and the other in the Swedish economic zone. The leaks have been detected shortly after the leak that was detected on Nord Stream 2 on Monday.

Raise the sectoral preparedness

Energinet is responsible for the overall operation of the Danish electricity and gas system. Based on the incidents, the Danish Energy Agency has recommended that Energinet raise the level of sectoral preparedness in both the electricity and gas sectors.

Gas leak in the Nord Stream
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Breakage of gas pipeline is extremely rare

Breakage of gas pipelines is extremely rare, and therefore we see reason to raise the preparedness level as a result of the incidents we have seen over the past 24 hours. We want to ensure thorough monitoring of Denmark’s critical infrastructure in order to strengthen security of supply going forward , says Director of the Danish Energy Agency, Kristoffer Bötzauw.

Concretely, the increased preparedness means that specific measures are announced which the companies in the electricity and gas sector must implement, with a view to increasing the safety of e.g. facilities, buildings and installations.

Danish Energy Agency rolls out following statements

The Danish Energy Agency states:

  • None of yesterday’s incidents currently have any significance for the supply of gas to Europe and Denmark, as none of the pipelines were in operation.
  • The Danish Maritime Authority has issued a navigation warning and established a prohibition area with the aim of ensuring that ships do not sail into the prohibition zones in relation to leaks. Ships may lose buoyancy if they sail into the area, and there may also be a risk of ignition above the water and in the air. On this basis, a prohibition zone has been established with a radius of 5 nautical miles for ships.
  • There are considered to be no safety or health consequences for staying or traveling outside the current prohibition zones. This also applies to the residents of Bornholm and Christiansø
  • It is too early to say anything about the causes of the incidents.
  • There is close contact with international partners.
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Increased level of sectoral preparedness

The sector preparedness level consists of 5 escalation steps for the Danish electricity and gas sector.

An increased level of sectoral preparedness is an expression of the fact that companies in the electricity and gas sector must show increased attention and can/have been accompanied by concrete measures that relevant companies in the electricity and gas sector must implement.

Gas Leak satellite image

Emergency level is ORANGE

The Danish Energy Agency has decided that the electricity and gas sector must move up to the emergency level and is now in ORANGE, which is the second highest level, and which means that the sector’s companies must be aware of the safety around their facilities.

Early warning, Alert and Emergency are the EU’s crisis levels in the gas area, in relation to the gas market. The two crisis levels are not connected to each other and can be used independently of each other.

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