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Following Google’s Gemini, Meta AI Creates Ahistorical Images

Meta's Imagine AI and Google's Gemini chatbot faced criticism for generating historically inaccurate and biased images. Despite efforts to enhance diversity controls, both platforms produced problematic outputs, highlighting ongoing challenges in AI development and the importance of refining algorithms to mitigate biases.

Edited By : Aniket Raj | Updated: Mar 2, 2024 16:46 IST
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The Imagine AI image generator by Meta has faced criticism for generating historically inaccurate images, reminiscent of recent controversies surrounding Google’s Gemini chatbot. This highlights wider concerns within the AI community regarding biases and stereotypes in training data, despite efforts to enhance diversity in model training.

Recent events involving both Meta and Google underscore the challenges of fine-tuning AI models to minimize biases without over-correcting.

Google encountered criticism when Gemini produced images depicting Black men in Nazi uniforms and female popes in response to generic prompts. In response, the company promptly ceased human image generation, acknowledging shortcomings in its diversity tuning efforts.

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According to reports, Google ceased Gemini from generating images of humans, citing deficiencies in its efforts to demonstrate diversity. Nevertheless, Meta’s Imagine AI has faced comparable problems, prompting inquiries about the effectiveness of diversity controls in AI models.

Despite attempts to prevent biased outputs, Imagine AI has generated images that perpetuate historical inaccuracies. For example, prompts for “Professional American football players” resulted in photos solely depicting women in football uniforms, diverging from the historical reality of male-dominated professional football.

Likewise, requests for images depicting “a group of people in American colonial times” led to depictions of Asian women, failing to accurately represent the demographic composition of colonial America.

In response to concerns, Meta has not yet issued a statement addressing the specific issues with Imagine AI’s outputs. These incidents underscore ongoing challenges in AI development and emphasize the importance of ongoing efforts to refine algorithms and mitigate biases in training data.

The controversies surrounding Meta and Google serve as a stark reminder of the complexities inherent in AI development, underscoring the necessity for ongoing scrutiny and accountability in the deployment of AI technologies

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First published on: Mar 02, 2024 04:46 PM IST

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