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Florida High School Celebrates Unique Graduation With 14 Twin Pairs And One Set Of Triplets

The public's attention is drawn to Cooper City High School in South Florida as it celebrated the graduation of 14 sets of twins and 1 set of triplets earlier this month.

Edited By : Palak Parashar | Updated: Jun 16, 2024 11:39 IST
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Cooper City High School, Florida

Florida: Twin students in schools are common, but having fourteen pairs of twins in the same school is quite surprising. In a similar coincidence, Cooper City High School in South Florida caught the public’s attention after fourteen sets of twins and one set of triplets graduated earlier this month. The striking resemblance among the twins, both in looks and behaviour, has puzzled the principals and the crowd.

According to a report, Cooper City High School’s 543 graduates included two sets of identical twins and 12 sets of fraternal twins.

Principal Vera Perkovic mentioned that they were aware of the numerous twins on campus but only recently learned the exact number when a parent pointed it out. She described the special experience of shaking hands and giving diplomas to each twin as they crossed the stage.

She added that this moment symbolized both their individuality and the bond they shared as twins throughout the years.

A student named Jocelyn Reed expressed that throughout her life as a twin, she has constantly stood out, with people often pointing out and discussing her twin status. Witnessing so many others in the same situation felt somewhat surreal to her

On the other hand, Gabrielle Reed, Jocelyn’s sister, mentioned that many of the twins and triplets who had been in classes together since elementary school are now preparing to embark on separate paths to college. She expressed her excitement about going to a different place and experiencing independence.

She added that she is eager to have her own experiences and not constantly be seen in relation to her twin wherever she goes.

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First published on: Jun 16, 2024 11:39 AM IST

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