Saturday, May 30, 2020

COVID-19 becomes more dangerous … Coronavirus takes new form in China

As the fight against the coronavirus pandemic gathers steam all around the world, researchers are trying hard to find ways to defeat the COVID-19 virus.

New Delhi: The coronavirus pandemic has ravaged several countries around the world with thousands of people falling prey to the COVID-19 virus every day.

All the countries of the world are trying to find a cure for the COVID-19 virus and are pouring money like water into the search for a coronavirus vaccine. But there has been no success so far.

As the fight against the coronavirus pandemic gathers steam all around the world, researchers are trying hard to find ways to defeat the COVID-19 virus.

The biggest problem facing doctors and other medical workers while treating coronavirus patients is the absence of any specific medicine or vaccine which could target the COVID-19 virus.

To make matters worse, researchers have made a new alarming discovery about the COVID-19 virus which will greatly disturb all the countries which are struggling to control the coronavirus pandemic.

Results of a recent research has revealed that the COVID-19 virus has changed its form in China. But the new form of this virus has become more silent and dangerous than before.

What is worrying is that this new form of coronavirus has been seen in Wuhan, China. Now coronavirus has become a silent killer, that is, this new version of the COVID-19 virus has returned with the power to spread more infection.

Now this virus quietly enters the human body and starts attacking it silently inside. This is the most dangerous truth ever about coronavirus.

The coronavirus pandemic is now set to appear in its most dangerous form.

‘New’ coronavirus in China!

The new version of coronavirus, the symptoms of fever are rarely seen. Apart from this, it affects the lungs more, which can prove to be very deadly.

According to scientists, the new coronavirus is constantly evolving. Because of this, patients fighting with the strong COVID-19 virus are taking more time to recover.

According to doctors, the new coronavirus is spreading silently and at a greater rate.

This is a shocking truth coming out of China, which had claimed to have freed itself from the coronavirus pandemic.

The new patients of the coronavirus epidemic in China have given sleepless nights to the Chinese government and the entire system. There are some serious signs of coronavirus which have been found in the new patients.

According to doctors, the COVID-19 virus is behaving very differently in new patients recently infected with coronavirus. Patients with new symptoms of coronavirus have been found in Wuhan, Jilin and Heilongjiang regions of China.

The ‘silent and dangerous’ version of coronavirus in China

Of the 33 new cases of coronavirus in China, 31 cases are symptomatic. Of these, there are 28 cases of untreated coronavirus patients in Wuhan.

China’s Jilin province is more affected, there may be more potential COVID-19 patients here. Heilangjiang province has also seen several coronavirus cases, which is a matter of great concern.

A total of 368 people with no coronavirus symptoms are being monitored to identify the nature of the COVID-19 virus.

Till date, there are 375 cases of untreated coronavirus infection.

Scientists are greatly alarmed by the new cases of coronavirus in the northeastern provinces of China. They suspect that this is another wave of the coronavirus epidemic. If this happens then the existing coronavirus outbreak will prove to be much more dangerous than the previous COVID-19 virus, because people infected with the new virus are taking longer to recover.

The more time it takes for a patient infected with the new coronavirus to recover, the longer is the risk of the infection spreading. Because the time taken for recovery directly means that the risk of transmitting the COVID-19 virus from one patient to another has increased.

The altered behavior of the coronavirus is causing a lot of difficulty. According to doctors, the COVID-19 virus has been living longer in new corona patients. Because of this, patients are taking longer to recover. This new version of coronavirus is spreading rapidly in two specific areas of China.

The biggest threat from this new version of coronavirus is to the families of the patients. When infected people are with their family, they do not know that they are coronavirus positive. In such a situation, they are neither able to take care of themselves nor are they able to take measures to protect the family from infection.

According to the Los Alamos Lab, a single COVID-19 virus can be more contagious.
According to the University of Glasgow, UK, the change of the COVID-19 virus is not a symptom of another breed.

The infectious diseases team warned that the COVID-19 virus constantly changes its target. The COVID-19 virus continues to develop in time and changed circumstances.
The COVID-19 virus may be able to change its symptoms.

The results of the changed symptoms and risk of the COVID-19 virus cannot be described right now. According to China’s National Health Commission, 375 people without coronavirus symptoms are currently being monitored.

Cases with no symptoms are being investigated as more serious. Because a person is infected in it. But they do not show any symptoms like fever, cough or swelling in the throat. In this condition, the patients, their family, the places around them and the markets around them all live in great danger.

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