Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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‘China now totally controls Hong Kong’: Xi Jinping

New Delhi: According to the Reuters news agency, Chinese President Xi Jinping said at the 20th Communist Party Congress on Sunday that his nation now fully controls Hong Kong and has brought it from anarchy to rule.

In his report to the twice-yearly party congress in Beijing, Xi stated that China has also engaged in a significant fight against Taiwanese separatist and is ready and willing to oppose territorial integrity.

Xi defends military invasion of Taiwan

Along with the crackdown on Hong Kong, Xi Jinping also defended the military invasion of Taiwan by claiming he “safeguarded” the nation’s “dignity and vital interests” in the cause of preserving security.

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“In the face of turbulent developments in Hong Kong, the central government exercised its overall jurisdiction over the special administrative region as prescribed by China’s Constitution and the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region,” state media outlet Xinhua quoted Xi as saying.

‘Taiwan will be ruled by patriots once order is restored’

He said that when “order” was restored to the area, it was assured that Hong Kong would be ruled by “patriots.”

On the self-governed island of Taiwan, he said, “In response to separatist activities aimed at Taiwan independence and gross provocations of external interference in Taiwan affairs, we have resolutely fought against separatism and countered interference.”

He claimed that China has shown to be resolute and capable of protecting “the independence of Taiwan and to resist Chinese sovereignty.”

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‘China has maintained firm strategic resolve’

The Chinese President claimed that despite “changes in the international landscape,” his nation has “maintained firm strategic resolve and demonstrated a fighting spirit.

Throughout these endeavors, we have safeguarded China’s dignity and core interests and kept ourselves well-positioned for pursuing development and ensuring security,” he said.”

Xi also asserted during his speech that his administration relentlessly pursued a zero-COVID policy and that it put the welfare of its citizens and their lives above everything else.

“We placed the people and their lives above everything else and tenaciously implemented a dynamic zero-COVID strategy in response to the surprise onslaught of COVID-19,” Xi was quoted as saying by Xinhua.

Jinping will probably prolong his rule for China

According to regional analysts, Chairman Xi Jinping will probably prolong his rule for China further five years.

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He will either be re-elected as general secretary of the CCP or will be chosen for the first time as chairman of the CCP. The position that Mao Zedong formerly occupied which has been vacant since 1982.

One of the most dangerous times in recent years for world relations coincides with the conference. China continues to be a steadfast backer of President Vladimir Putin, who is trying to establish himself as a great Russian leader when a war is raging in Ukraine.

Taiwan Strait tensions are at their highest point in decades as China tries to intimidate Taipei into submission.

Other than this, there are all the necessary components for a storm to form, including diplomatic tensions with the US, the aftermath of a worldwide pandemic, China’s own crisis, and attempts to eradicate COVID-19.

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