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Buying Bullets Like Veggies? Vending Machine In US Sparks Debate

In America, vending machines selling bullets as easily as groceries raise concerns amid escalating gun violence incidents, with 15 mass shootings reported in 2024.

Edited By : Swechchha | Updated: Jul 11, 2024 15:33 IST
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Bullet Vending machines In America
Bullet Vending machines In America

Gun violence incidents in America exceed those of any other country worldwide. In many American cities, bullets can be purchased as easily as milk and eggs due to the installation of bullet vending machines in numerous grocery stores. These machines allow customers to buy bullets conveniently at any time.

In grocery stores across Alabama, Oklahoma, and Texas, vending machines stocked with bullets can be seen next to milk vending machines. Currently, these vending machines are available exclusively at convenience stores in these three cities. They are as easy to use as ATMs.

The company named American Rounds is installing these vending machines in grocery stores. The company asserts that these machines have an identification scanner and facial recognition software to verify the buyer’s age. Only after verification can customers easily purchase bullets from these machines.

Secure, Convenient Bullet Purchases

The company explains that Age Verification Technology means purchasing bullets this way is safer than buying them online because it requires providing your age verification document to the retail store.

The company states that customers over the age of 21 can easily purchase bullets from these vending machines. Our automatic bullet dispensers are available 24/7, eliminating the need to wait for hours in-store queues. You can buy bullets at any time. These vending machines have built-in AI technology, card scanning capability, and facial recognition software.

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Grant Magers, CEO of American Rounds, has revealed that his company has currently installed or is in the process of installing eight machines in four states. They have received requests for over 200 stores from nearly nine states for Automated Ammo Retail Machines (AARM), and this number is increasing daily.

Critics are opposing the installation of these vending machines in several grocery stores across America, citing the rise in mass shootings. As of 2024, there have been 15 such incidents already this year. People argue that openly selling bullets in convenience stores could exacerbate shootings.

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First published on: Jul 11, 2024 03:33 PM IST

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