BREAKING: FIA summons Imran Khan in the US cypher case

New Delhi: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has received a notice by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Tuesday. The summon was sent in connection to the investigation of audio leaks related to the US cypher case as reported by ARY News.

Imran Khan summoned to FIA headquarters

The investigation agency did not only summoned Imran Khan but also Shah Mahmood Qureshi at the FIA headquarters on November 3. Qureshi was also summoned to FIA headquarters on November 1.

Former Principle Secretary of Imran Khan, Azam Khan was summoned on October 27 to investigate the US cypher. On September 28, Imran Khan’s audio leaked where he was heard speaking about the “US conspiracy”. He has reportedly said, “Let’s play with it”.

It must be told that the “US conspiracy” refers to the foreign conspiracy in which Khan claimed that US wants to topple PTI government. The end goal being Shahbaz Sharif replacing him.

‘We should play with the cypher issue’

Imran Khan can be heard telling his then-principal secretary in the most recent recording that was hacked, according to The News International. He said that they should play with the “cypher issue without taking the name of the United States.”

“Let’s play with it,” Imran Khan believed to be saying in the audio, to which Azam Khan suggested that they should hold a meeting on the US cypher to bring it on record. After the audio leak, the PTI chief said that the “cypher should also be leaked so that everyone would come to know how big that conspiracy was.”

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Sharif leaked the audio?

Khan alleged that Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif of leaking that audio when asked who did this, as per the publication.

Earlier also, FIA summoned Imran Khan in a prohibited funding case against his party for allegedly submitting false affidavits to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).
The agency had asked the PTI chairman to appear before an investigation team at its Karachi office on October 31. Khan is currently leading a long march, which began from Lahore and is on its way to Islamabad, Dawn reported citing sources.

The agency has also obtained arrest warrants for several suspects, including PTI leaders Saifullah Nyazee and Amir Kayani.

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