BIG BREAKING: Fourth leak detected in Nord Stream pipelines

A fourth leak has been detected at Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea informs the Swedish Coast Guard.

Nord Stream Gas pipeline leak

New Delhi: A fourth leak has been detected in undersea pipelines running from Russia to Europe, the Swedish Coast Guard says, after explosions were reported earlier this week in suspected sabotage. “There are two leaks on the Swedish side and two leaks on the Danish side”

The Swedish Coast Guard gave a detailed explanation pertaining to the gas leaks in the Nord Stream gas pipelines. They said they would like to communicate the following:

  • There are currently two gas leaks in Swedish waters, a larger leak above North Stream 1, and a smaller leak above North Stream 2. Two leaks have also been reported in Danish waters. The number of reported incidents and observations have therefore not changed since the initial observations were reported Monday evening.
  • The distance between the two leaks in Swedish waters is one nautical mile (1.8 km)
  • The distance from the smaller Swedish leak on North Stream 2, to the closest leak in Danish waters is 2.6 nautical miles (4.6 km)
  • The Coast Guard received the first information concerning the gas leaks on the evening of Monday the 26th of September
  • Since Tuesday morning the Coast Guard vessel KBV 003 Amfritrite is in the vicinity of the two gas leaks. Amfritrite is equipped for operating in contamination, such as gas.
  • The crew of Amfritrite currently report a constant flow of gas to the sea surface. The crew are instructed to;
    a) Monitor the leak to see if it in increases or reduces
    b) Assist the maritime traffic in order for safe and secure passage in the area.
  • The Swedish Coast Guard would like to clarify that KBV 003 Amfritrite is in possession of an ROV (remotely operated vehicle). The information that there is a Coast Guard submarine operating in the area is therefore not correct. The Swedish Coast Guard does nor own or operate with submarines.