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Aliens Possibly Living Among Us Disguised As Humans, Harvard Study Reveals

Harvard's Human Flourishing program suggests aliens may live among humans in disguise, advocating for concealed earthly explanations for unidentified phenomena, including theories on various extraterrestrial entities.

Edited By : Swechchha | Updated: Jun 13, 2024 17:11 IST
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Aliens Among Humans Harvard Study
Aliens Among Humans Harvard Study

Harvard University’s Human Flourishing program recently released a study proposing that aliens could be dwelling among us on Earth, disguised as humans. Titled “The Crypto terrestrial Hypothesis: Advocating Scientific Openness to a Concealed Earthly Explanation for Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena,” the paper delves into several theories regarding these extraterrestrial entities. Additionally, the study asserts that UFOs and UAPs constitute visiting spaceships from other planets.

According to the study suggests that “UAP may involve forms of non-human intelligence (NHI) that are already present in Earth’s environment in some sense, existing alongside us in distinct stealth.” It advocates four theories on aliens:

  1. The research paper describes “magical crypto terrestrials,” or the CTH 4, as entities akin to “earthbound angels.” It identifies examples such as fairies, elves, or nymphs.
  2. Hominid/theropod crypto terrestrials- The research paper presents the concept of which are described as the descendants of ape-like hominids or “unknown, intelligent dinosaurs” belonging to a technologically advanced non-human civilization. They are portrayed as terrestrial animals that evolved to live in stealth.
  3. Former extraterrestrial/extraterrestrial crypto terrestrials- The Harvard study suggests that may have arrived on Earth from space or the human future. It also proposes that they concealed themselves in stealth, most likely on the Moon.
  4. human crypto terrestrials -The study discusses a remnant form of a technologically advanced ancient human civilization that persisted despite being destroyed long ago by disasters like floods.

The paper states that the author increasingly recognized the depth of evidence and theory that also tentatively supports another ultraterrestrial explanation: the “cryptoterrestrial” hypothesis (CTH) – our focus here – which suggests that UAP may reflect activities of NHIs concealed here on Earth (e.g., underground) and its surroundings.

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First published on: Jun 13, 2024 05:11 PM IST

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