K-Pop idols: Their rise...and fall


Jonghyun (SHINee)

SHINee;s lead singer Jonghyun committed suicide in his Seoul apartment on 18 Dec, 2017. He was reportedly under severe DEPRESSION.

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Sulli [F(x)]

Choi Jin Ri, who went by her stage name, Sulli, HANGED herself to death in Seoul.. She braved criticism throughout career. The idol was very vocal about her opinions on national interest.

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Goo Hara

Goo Hara was found dead in 2019, just a month after her close friend Sulli hanged herself. She was the victim of a traumatic legal battle with cyber bullies and online trolls. A law was later named after her.

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The pop singer was found dead by her grandfather at her home in Incheon in 2007. She was reportedly battling DEPRESSION & STRESS. Before her death, she had posted a note on SNS saying HOPELESS.

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Ahn So-jin

Aspiring K-pop star Ahn So-jin was found dead in 2015. She had allegedly fallen from her 10th floor apartment in Daejoon. MYSTERY is still UNSOLVED.

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Oh In Hye

Oh In Hye died in September 2020, reportedly by SUICIDE. She had been found unconscious in her apartment and died later in hospital.

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Tany was a solo K-pop star who died at 22. The singer had met a CAR ACCIDENT in 2018. His first album was set to drop just a few months later.

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Seo Minwoo(100%)

Seo Minwoo was found dead at his home in Seoul in 2018. Minwoo allegedly died of CARDIAC ARREST, though cause of death is still UNCLEAR.

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Woo Hye Mi

Woo Hye Mi who went by the stage name of Miwoo was found DEAD shortly after the release of her first EP in 2019.

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EunB and RiSe(Ladies' Code)

Go Eun Bi and Kwon Ri Se of girl group Ladies' Code lost their lives in a tragic BUS ACCIDENT in September 2014.

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