Surprising benefits of 'Sugar'


Higher Energy Levels

An excess of refined sugar in our diet can affect us in a variety of ways, but one of the major ones has to do with its effect on our brains.

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Stronger Immune System

Vitamin C is required by an immune system in order for it to function properly, and white blood cells in particular need it to fight infection.

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Better Sleep

There is strong scientific link between high sugar consumption and depression and other mental illnesses, and although sugar itself doesn’t cause these, it can impair your ability to cope with stress.

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Weight Loss

When you eat too much refined sugar your insulin production increases, which can prohibit your body from using fat as fuel. Instead, your body converts excess sugar into fat and weight gain can be a result.

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Instant Mood Boost

It should come as no surprise that sugar makes us happy. We’re so hardwired to like sugar, two sweet-receptor genes have been discovered that can predict how strong your sweet tooth will be.

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Improves Thinking Skills

Chocolate is a source of natural sugar, but it also contains other healthy components. Each bite provides a surge of antioxidants along with cocoa flavanols.

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