10 Reasons Why 'Sex Education' Is A Must-Watch


The Marvellous Cast

The cast of Sex Education is phenomenal. From Gillain Anderson to Emma Mackey, all the actors have done justice to their roles.

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The Diverse Characters

Bringing in an LGBTQIA+ character is one way to create a hit web-series, but Sex Education dives right into the narrative of self-acceptance.

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Not just about sex, but LIFE

Sex Education has one of the most realistic takes on love and relationships. In one of his many monologues, Otis gives some of best love tips that most will bite. Figure this: Real life is not fairy tale.

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Honest Conversations Around sexuality

Sex Education brings to the table a wealth of knowledge, tackling real-life sexual questions about sexual orientation. And the show does it in a very-unconventional-non-judgemental-way.

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Maeve's this-shall-pass-too attitude

Besides being an ultimate feminist icon, Maeve has also been optimistic in her nature. With her this shall pass too nature, she has bagged a special place in our heart.

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The Friendships

Everyone's is falling in and out of love, but these bunch of teenagers take backseat and celebrate the platonic love and friendships in the mean time. Do not miss out on the bus Episode.

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Sex is not perfect

Shows and movies have conditioned us into thinking sex is sexy and all shades of romantic. But let's face it, it's messy and at times uncomfortable and stressful.

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The Abortion Episode

The show has managed to shed light on 'taboo' topics such as female masturbation and homophobia. In Season 1 Episode 3, Maeve needs an abortion and she gets one in the most comfortable company.

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It is educational

The show is educational. It's about what teenagers do and don't do. It also does enough job to tell them what they should do and what they shouldn't.

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Eric and His Wardrobe

Eric carries the shows on his back. Besides his wit, charm and narrative arc, his outfits are to die for.

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