Chubby actresses who turned the tables around


Bharti Singh

She is one of the best Comedian who has made India proud. She always make fun of her own appearance; she is very comfortable in her own skin.

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Anjali Anand

She made her debut on television with show, 'Dhhai kilo Prem' which was about an overweight couple, she loved the way she appeared.

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Rytasha Rathore

She is completely in love with her body, she flaunts and carries it well. She proudly wears a bikini and does look gorgeous in those.

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Delnaaz Irani

She has been ruling in the industry from several years now, she is also known for her sweet nature. She definittely look amazing the way she is.

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Vahbiz Darabjee

She has lost weight by hitting the gym, but the fact is she looks more beautiful in her original body.

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Pushtiie Shakti

She once played the role of oversized girl in 'Mahi Way', she never had any complains about her body. She looks ravishing as she wears her confidence well everyday.

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Akshaya Naik

The actress is very active on social media, she was also targeted for body shaming but she never let that lower her confidence.

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Nehalaxmi Iyer

This cute and chubby actress is not a new face to the Industry. She started her career at the age of six and is slaying since then.

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Chandani Bhaagwanani

She started her career as a child artist, she won million of hearts not only by her cute looks but also by her talent. Her weight was never a problem in her way.

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Divyanka Tripathi

Divyanka is one of the finest actress of television industry. She has given some fabulous performances and has also won many reality shows.

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