10 of the best Korean dramas to watch on Netflix


Hospital Playlist

One of the highest rated dramas of Korean cable TV, Hospital Playlist follows story of five doctors, who have been friends since medical school, as they navigate life and death.

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When the Camellia Blooms

Chaos surrounds when a single mother opens a bar named Camellia in a small town. While she is openly criticized by villagers for her job, she finds love in a police officer who is in search of a killer on the loose.

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One Spring Night

A doting single father manages to charm a young lady suffering due to complexities of the complexities of her relationship with the guy she has been bound to marry, as per people around her. It is a tear-jerking yet heartwarming tale that will make you fall in love all over again.

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Record of Youth

Unlike most of the K-dramas, Record of Youth is not filled with romantic cliches. It does not show main leads playing larger than life characters, but instead represents them in their most vulnerable forms.

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Hello, My Twenties

One of the most realistic youth-centric dramas, 'Hello, My Twenties,' as the name suggests, follows the lives of five housemates-turned-friends in their early twenties, trying to navigate life as adults while juggling between love and career.

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My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Based on the webtoon of same name, My ID is Gangnam Beauty is centered on the life of college students who goes under the knife to enhance her appearance but still struggles to find her confidence.

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This drama, for sure, will make you suffer from second lead syndrome, but you'd also want to ship main leads so hard. Filled with dreams, hopes and reality checks, Start Up will leave you enthralled.

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Memories of Alhambra

Shot in the picturesque location of Granada, Hungary and Budapest , Memories of Alhambra sees two polls apart people falling for each other in the most unexpected circumstances. The show offers a seamless integration between real life and virtual reality that will leave you glued to your screens.

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Strong Girl Bong-Soon

A girl capable of lifting trucks and throwing people single-handedly agrees to bodyguard a young CEO who fears someone is constantly lurking from the shadows to bring him down. While we have seen men going out of their ways to protect their ladyloves, this drama will turn the tables for you.

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Do Do Sol Sol la la sol

Love indeed comes to the rescue of our rich female lead who loses her everything after the death of her father. The drama will make you cry you heart out but will leave the brightest smile on your face with its unexpected ending.

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