What Is Regenerative Tourism? Destinations Where You Can Experience It 


Regenerative tourism represents a sustainable way of travelling and discovering new places. 


Its main goal is for visitors to have a positive impact on their holiday venue, meaning that they leave it in a better condition than how they found it.


A concept that goes beyond "not damaging" the environment and that aims to actively revitalise it, resulting in a positive cycle of impacts

Regenerative Tourism

The hotel’s sustainable philosophy with reforestation efforts over the past 2 decades, has seen the planting of 7,000 native trees and thousands of endemic plants.

Arenas del Mar, Costa Rica

Mexico’s west coast, Xala hopes to redefine conscious tourism, with a community-driven development


In 2008, Heligan was granted National Collection Holder status by Plant Heritage for its historic camellias  and rhododendrons.

The Mud Maid At Heligan

Located in the heart of Tuscany in San Marcello Piteglio, Oasyhotel has opened within the privately owned, WWF-protected Oasi Dynamo reserve.

Oasyhotel – Italy