What Are Deepfakes And How Can You Spot Them?

Deepfakes are manipulated media created using AI, which can be identified through:

Look for inconsistencies in facial expressions, lip-syncing, or audio quality.

Visual and Audio Discrepancies

Unnatural blinking can indicate a deepfake.

Blinking Patterns

Check for irregularities in backgrounds and lighting.

Background and Lighting

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Audio Inconsistencies

Observe unusual body movements.

Unnatural Movements

Verify content sources, especially from unverified or unreliable origins.

Source Verification

Investigate content metadata for manipulations.

Metadata Examination

Use reverse image and audio searches to find similar content.

Reverse Searches

Consult experts for in-depth analysis.

Seek Expert Opinions

Be careful with content on social media; deepfakes can spread quickly.

Social Media Caution

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