Terrifying Truths About Bloodthirsty Vampire Bacteria


Researchers at Washington State University have discovered that some of the world's deadliest bacteria are drawn to and thrive on human blood.

Blood-Thirsty Bacteria

The phenomenon, termed 'bacterial vampirism,' has been observed in bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli, which are known to cause foodborne illnesses.

A New Trait

These bacteria are attracted to the liquid part of blood because it contains essential nutrients they use for sustenance.

What Attracts Them

Researchers noted that these pathogens can easily access serum and enter the bloodstream by breaching the digestive system.

Digestive System Entry

Experts warn that even the smallest amount of blood can attract these 'vampire' bacteria, increasing the risk of sepsis and inflammatory bowel disease.

Sepsis Risk

Salmonella, found in raw eggs, has a protein receptor called Tsr that helps these bacteria detect and move towards serum.

Salmonella Scare

This discovery could lead to the development of new drugs aimed at preventing sepsis before it occurs.

Sepsis Prevention