Prashant Mishra

Skate Parks Around The World: Discovering The Best Spots To Skate

Venice Skatepark - Los Angeles, USA

Known for its iconic graffiti-covered bowls and ramps, Venice Skatepark offers a blend of street and transition skating.

Burnside Skatepark - Portland, USA

A DIY skate park with concrete bowls, walls, and unique urban architecture, built by skateboarders for skateboarders.

 The Berrics - Los Angeles, USA

A private skate park known for its pristine surfaces, professional design, and state-of-the-art facilities.

Suvilahti DIY Skatepark - Helsinki, Finland

A gathering place for Finnish skaters and international visitors, known for its grassroots spirit and unique design.

Marseille Skatepark - Marseille, France

One of the oldest skate parks in Europe, Marseille Skatepark is renowned for its massive bowl, unique layout, and scenic Mediterranean views.

Kona Skatepark - Jacksonville, USA

A historic skate park with a strong sense of community, offering lessons, camps, and competitions for skaters of all ages.

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