Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650: Top 10 Features That Redefine The Cruiser Experience

The Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 comes in three exciting variants, each with its own unique features and styling. The Astral, Interstellar, and Celestial variants are available to suit different preferences.

Three Exciting Variants

The entry-level Astral variant offers a choice of three single-tone colors, including black, blue, and green, allowing riders to pick their preferred aesthetic.

Varied Color Choices

The Super Meteor 650 boasts competitive pricing, starting at Rs 3.49 lakh for the Astral variant. 

Competitive Pricing

All the accessories fitted on the Celestial variant are compatible with the Astral and Interstellar variants.

Accessory Compatibility

The pricing of the Super Meteor 650 is not introductory, ensuring transparency and value for money.

Non-Introductory Pricing

The Super Meteor 650 features a new frame that sets it apart from Royal Enfield's existing 650 twins. Notable underpinnings include a 43mm Showa SFF–BP front fork and a modern LED headlight, marking a few Royal Enfield firsts.

Advanced Underpinnings

The Super Meteor 650's engine has undergone minor revisions, including changes to the airbox and exhaust system.

Revised Engine and Mapping

The Super Meteor 650 offers a comfortable riding experience with a seat height of 740mm. This lower seat height inspires confidence, making it accessible to a wide range of riders.

Comfortable Seating

Braking duties are handled by a 320mm front disc and a 300mm rear disc, both equipped with dual-channel ABS. These responsive brakes ensure safety and control while riding.

Responsive Braking

The bike features 135mm of ground clearance and a 15.7-liter fuel tank. The unique combination of specifications offers versatility in different riding conditions.

Unique Ground Clearance