Popular K-Dramas To Watch On Disney+ Hotstar


The Worst Of Evil (2023)

The Worst Of Evil suspenseful Korean drama depicting the battle between good and evil in a corrupt society.

Revenant (2023)

Revenant is a gripping thriller that follows the journey of a person seeking vengeance after a tragic incident.

Going To You At The Speed Of 493KM (2022)

Going To You At The Speed Of 493KM is a romantic comedy revolving around the lives of badminton players.

Link: Eat, Love, Kill (2022)

Link: Eat, Love, Kill is a suspenseful crime drama exploring the interconnected lives of individuals linked by a mysterious serial killer.

Solomon's Perjury (2016)

Solomon's Perjury is a courtroom drama based on a novel, delving into the investigation surrounding a student's mysterious death at an elite high school.

Soundtrack #1 (2022)

Soundtrack #1 is a romantic drama revolving around the lives and struggles of aspiring musicians chasing their dreams.

Moving (2023)

Moving is a 2023 science fiction action drama.  

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