Netflix's Heart-Pounding Action Flicks Delivering Non-Stop Thrills

Aniket Raj


 An engrossing crime drama with captivating storytelling and dramatic action that centers on the ascent to power of a bootlegger.


An elite anti-terrorism squad fighting a lethal threat to the country is the focus of the action-packed movie.

Naam Shabana

A captivating action thriller about a female protagonist venturing into the realm of espionage and intrigue.


A contemporary adaptation of the traditional revenge story that stands out for its violent action scenes and strong acting by Hrithik Roshan.


A hard-hitting action movie that is well-known for its realistic depiction of crime and brutality.


A legendary tale of action-packed adventure with a captivating anti-hero traversing the criminal underground.

Gabbar Is Back

The vigilante action movie uses a strong action and dramatic blend to address social issues.