Must try: Famous South Indian Desserts  


This delectable flatbread is from Maharashtra and Goa. It is a stuffed paratha with a lentil and jaggery filling, cooked on a griddle

Paal Poli

Rava Kesari is a semolina pudding or halwa made with semolina (rava), ghee, sugar, nuts, and cardamom. It has a vibrant orange color and a delightful sweet taste.

Rava Kesari

Unni Appam are small, melt-in-your-mouth fritters made from a rice flour batter flavored with ripe banana and jaggery. They are a popular tea-time snack and a delicious way to enjoy ripe bananas

Unni Appam

While savory idlis are a staple South Indian breakfast dish, there are also sweet versions made with fermented rice and lentil batter, jaggery, and sometimes fruit.


These soft rice flour dumplings are similar to modaks from other parts of India.  They are typically stuffed with a sweet coconut and jaggery filling, and steamed. Kozhukkattai is a popular offering to the Hindu god Ganesha.


Hailing from Andhra Pradesh, Boorelu are deep-fried sweet balls made with lentil or semolina dough and stuffed with a sweet lentil or jaggery filling.  They are a popular festive sweet and a symbol of merriment


This dense, fudge-like dessert is made with gram flour, ghee, and sugar. It is known for its rich flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture

Mysore Pak